Scared Of Flying? Qantas Partners With Samsung For On-Board Virtual Reality Escape

Samsung Gear VR headsets will be avilable in first-class A380 cabins and lounges in Sydney and Melbourne

Qantas has teamed up with Samsung Electronics Australia to launch a brand new virtual reality entertainment service on its airline.

The first step of the trial will see Samsung Gear VR headsets posted in first-class A380 cabins and lounges in Sydney and Melbourne.

Those select customers will then be immersed in what Qantas claims will be a three-dimensional, 360 degrees interactive experience of a virtual world.

Sit back, relax

Laptop airplane offlineFor a three month trial period, the VR content will include footage of Quantas’ network destinations and products, as well as in-flight movies.

Olivia Wirth, Qantas’ group executive of  brand, marketing and corporate affairs explained, “Whether the user wants a virtual tour of our new Los Angeles First Lounge or experience an A380 landing from the tarmac, this technology gives us a completely new way to connect with our customers.”

To develop and produce the VR content that will be piped through the headsets from mid-February, Qantas has announced it will be working with production company Jaunt. The first piece of content made available will be a 3D experience of Kakadu National Park.

After the three month trial period is up, Qantas will assess customer feedback with the view of a potential roll-out of the experience across all of its long-haul flights.

The airline is the first of its kind to use VR technology in this way, though questions have been raised over exactly how much content will be available, as well as exactly how much the technology will impact fellow passengers as their neighbours fidget and turn in their seats.

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