OnePlus’ Palm-Sized Drone Is The April Fools Joke You Can Actually Buy

oneplus dr-1 drone

£15.99 offering is the world’s smallest remote-controlled drone

April 1 is always a dangerous day for journalists, as we’re looking not to be caught off guard by seemingly real-looking April Fool stories.

Which is why we initially took the news that phone manufacturer OnePlus would be releasing the world’s smallest drone with a hint of suspicion – but we were wrong.

The OnePlus DR-1, costing just £15.99 and fitting into the palm of your hand, will really go on sale – but you’ll have to be quick to get it.

Pocket rocket

oneplus dr-1 droneMeasuring just 70mm across and weighing a shade above 12.5g, the quadcopter DR-1 (pictured left) takes 20 minutes to charge and gives users between five and eight minutes of flight time off a full battery.

Four blades generate the lift, with ultra-bright LEDs allowing you to guide the drone around even in the dark.

It will be available to buy in limited quantities from OnePlus’ website.

Despite many worries surrounding legality and privacy issues, drones have proven to be very popular amongst technology fans.

Last October, research by the University of Birmingham highlighted the privacy, safety and indeed security risks of drones over the next 20 years, especially as the aircraft could be possibly used by terror groups to attack public events.

However it also pointed the “significant benefits” drones would deliver.

London Major Boris Johnson for example has previously suggested that drones could be a solution to the traffic problems that plague the city. But Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt warned that drones operated by members of the public do pose a privacy and security risk.

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