Microsoft Goes All-In With Raspberry Pi 2

raspberry pi 2

Raspberry Pi 2 replaces Intel Galileo as Microsoft’s development board of choice

Raspberry Pi has gotten a major seal of approval from Microsoft after the technology giant announced it is officially throwing its weight behind the company’s products.

Microsoft’s Dev Centre is ending support for Intel’s Galileo board on November 30, leaving Raspberry Pi 2 as the sole remaining unit promoted by the group.

Intel’s board has hit the bricks due to a lack of hardware power, Microsoft says, as Raspberry Pi offers more in the way of capabilities for IoT development in particular.


raspberry-pi-1280x1024-wallpaper“We continue to focus on providing a great experience for Makers with Windows 10 IoT Core,” Microsoft wrote on its Dev Centre support page. “While we’ve seen some fantastic innovation with the platform, unfortunately it does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 IoT Core.”

Developers with existing Galileo projects will be able to migrate them over to Windows 10 IoT Core running on Raspberry Pi 2, Microsoft says, as it will offer wiring support to assist with the transition.

The news marks the latest instalment in the close relationship between Microsoft and Raspberry Pi 2. Back in August, the device was the first to receive a public version of Windows 10 IoT Core as Microsoft looked to explore the IoT potential of its latest software.

Support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is included, allowing for the creation and rollout of universal Windows apps that can be spread across multiple device platforms.

Since September, Raspberry Pi has also been able to support touch-screen interfaces thanks to a new development from the company, which is making the 7in displays available for around $60.

Overall, the Raspberry Pi Foundation reportedly has sold more than five million units, with the second generation of the device having gone on sale back in February.

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