WATCH: Microsoft Reveals The Future Of Healthcare With HoloLens


Microsoft HoloLens promo vid explains how the holographic device could dramatically change the way doctors learn about the body

Microsoft has released a video demonstrating how it thinks the upcoming HoloLens holographic headset will aid healthcare students in learning about the human body.

Spotlighting lecturers and students at the Case Western Reserve University , the video depicts how HoloLens will enable “incredible leaps forward” in productivity, collaboration and innovation.

Digital world

“HoloLens is a holographic computer that you wear,” says Lorraine Bardeen, director of next gen experience at Microsoft. “It enables you to bring your digital world into your real world.”

Microsoft reckons that students will use HoloLens to digitally take apart and study the anatomy of a human body, without the need for always having a human cadaver to practice on. Students are shown visually dissecting muscles and the heart to learn about the organs’ interiors and parts.

Microsoft’s HoloLens in action

“My job is to teach, and I really think this could impact almost everything that we teach people,” said Mark Griswold, Professor of Radiology at the university.

“With the HoloLens, you can see the muscles on top of the skeleton, all at the same time. You can bring them in and out, and exactly understand where things sit. I think this will improve students’ confidence in learning anatomy dramatically.”

“You can take any anatomical part, and show any of it,” explains the medical student in the video. “You can move it around, make it kind of translucent. You can see through the outside and that really helped me understand how cardiac anatomy works.”

Watch the video below:


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