Is This The Stylish New Microsoft Band Wearable?


Rumoured Microsoft Band 2 features curved design for the first time, and could be revealed in a few weeks

Images claiming to be Microsoft’s next wearable have been leaked as the company gears up for a major hardware launch event on October 6 in New York.

The second generation of the Microsoft Band, codenamed ‘Enovy’, has appars on Spanish tech site MicrosoftInsider, revealing a far more stylish device as the company looks to win over wearable fans.

Band together

Microsoft-Band-2aThe Microsoft Band 2, as it will probably be known, includes a curved display for the first time, similar to that seen in Huawei’s TalkBand B2 wearable, alongside a metallic build and several physical buttons to interact with the device.

As for functions, the reports claim that the Band 2 will come with an optical heart rate monitor, accelerometer/gyrometer, GPS, microphone, ambient light sensor, galvanic skin response (GSR) sensors, and a UV sensor. It will also be able to measure the ‘height’ of a workout for the first time, meaning fans of stair climbing are in luck.

It will also be available in a wider number of markets, as Microsoft looks to broaden the reach of its device, launching in Spain, France, Italy and Germany for the first time.

The first generation of the Microsoft Band, which was compatible with Apple, Android and Windows Phone devices, only went on sale in the UK back in April.

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