London Police Seize Wimbledon-Bound Drone

Tennis-loving drone spotted approaching Centre Court ahead of tournament opening today

Police in south-west London had to apprehend an unusual trespasser heading for the Wimbledon tennis championships.

Merton Police were called out early on Saturday following reports of a drone being flown over the All-England Lawn Tennis Club, the home of the world-famous tournament due to start later today, from a nearby golf course.

Police seized the drone, and their enquiries are ongoing, the Metropolitan Police said.

Foul play

drone“It is an offence to fly a drone within 50 metres of a structure. Anyone intending to fly a drone should give prior consideration to the surrounding landscape and any structures or venues,” Inspector Roger Robinson of Merton Police said in a statement.

“While it is not our intention to prevent people from enjoying the use of drones, it is important that regulations are adhered to. Police will take positive action against anyone committing an offence.”

This is not the first time that drones have fallen afoul of British policing.

Earlier this year, 43 year old Nigel Wilson of Nottingham was arrested following the flying of a drone over several Premier League football grounds, where he apparently filmed the action without gaining consent.

Last October, research by the University of Birmingham also highlighted the privacy, safety and indeed security risks of drones over the next 20 years, especially as the aircraft could be possibly used by terror groups to attack public events.

However the devices do have the backing of London Major Boris Johnson, who has previously suggested that drones could be a solution to the traffic problems that plague the city.

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