Honor Announces The Wearable With No Name

honor wearable

Honor will let fans name its first ever wearable – a smart band costing just £59

Honor is launching its first ever wearable device but it won’t be giving it a name. Instead it will let the public come up with a name as it looks to further its status as a fan-driven brand.

First teased back in July and officially announced at the launch of the Honor 7 smartphone (pictured below), the as-yet-unnamed smart band features a circular face, will be available in three colour schemes and cost just £59 when it goes on sale in the UK later this year.


honor wearable picThe Honor band (as we’ll call it for the time being) will look to provide a cross between a fitness-focused device and a lifestyle unit, the company says, acting as a ‘unisex’ device that appeals to both male and female consumers.

It will feature such functions as sleep monitoring, calorie counting and activity tracking, as well as prompting users to when they are receiving a call, and be powered by a battery that apparently lasts for up to three days.

The band will not feature any buttons, with all interaction carried out via touch-screen, much like Huawei’s previous TalkBand devices, and will be IP68 water and dust proof.

Speaking at a press conference after the Honor 7 launch the company’s vice president of devices for Europe, Lars-Christian Weisswange, told TechWeekEurope that it was hopeful for big pick-up in Europe.

“We don’t see a saturated market for wearables (in Europe) right now,” he said, “the Honor band sits in a different segment.”

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