Xpeng Electric ‘Flying Car’ Completes Flight Over Guangzhou

Xpeng AeroHT's X2 eVTOL aircraft. Image credit: Xpeng AeroHT

X2 electric eVTOL ‘flying car’ completes low-altitude test flight over Guangzhou in validation for future urban transport and tourism uses

AeroHT, the aerospace subsidiary of Chinese electric carmaker Xpeng, has completed the first successful test flight of its X2 electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, dubbed a “flying car”, over the city of Guangzhou, where Xpeng and AeroHT both have their headquarters.

The low-altitude urban test flight was designed to gain flight experience and validate the aircraft for future uses including urban transport and sightseeing routes.

The route from Tiande Centre to Canton Tower was one AeroHT said was suitable as a tourist or urban transport route.

Following the successful flight AeroHT said its vehicles were now prepared for use in complex urban environments.

Xpeng AeroHT's X2 flying car. Image credit: Xpeng AeroHT
Xpeng AeroHT’s X2 eVTOL aircraft. Image credit: Xpeng AeroHT

Urban test flight

The X2 is AeroHT’s fifth-generation eVTOL and has completed thousands of test flights since its maiden voyage in June 2021, including its first public overseas test flight in Dubai in the autumn of 2023.

In January the X2 became the first human-operated eVTOL to receive a flight permit from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for all of China.

The vehicle can reach a top speed of 130 km/h in the air and can fly for 35 minutes on a single charge, AeroHT has said.

In October 2022 the firm published a video showing its concept X3 flying car design, resembling a standard four-wheeled sedan with four rotors attached to the roof, completing an initial flight at a test facility.

The X3 is intended to be able to take off, land and complete flight paths autonomously.

Xpeng AeroHT's X2 flying car. Image credit: Xpeng AeroHT
Xpeng AeroHT’s X2 eVTOL aircraft. Image credit: Xpeng AeroHT

Right-hand drive EV

Separately, parent firm Xpeng, part owned by Volkswagen, said it is preparing its first right-hand drive electric vehicles as it seeks to expand oveseas sales.

The right-hand drive models are intended for Hong Kong as well as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, the company said.

Sales of a right-hand drive G6 SUV are intended to begin in Hong Kong in late 2024, making it the first time a Chinese mainland EV firm has targeted the city with a right-hand drive model.

Xpeng's G6 SUV. Image credit: Xpeng
Xpeng’s G6 electric SUV. Image credit: Xpeng