Google’s Next Android Wear Update Will Let Your Watches Speak To Each Other

Forthcoming Android Wear upgrade takes a leaf out of Apple’s book to give more interactivity between user and watch

Google is planning an update to Android Wear that will provide smartwatches with increased interactivity.

The new version of the wearable-optimised Android operating system will allow users to communicate to other devices in a similar fashion to the Apple Watch, sending heartbeats, emojis and simple drawings thanks to a new feature called Together.

However, it seems that the function will only work if all users are using the same watch face, opening up possibilities for developers who already work with interactive designs.

The update will also provide more options for a single tap function, which will be upgraded to allow for functions such as aesthetic changes, information tracking, and app launching.

Tap and go

That’s according to Phandroid, which has obtained documents showing how the new tap gestures will work (pictured).


Currently, users can simply tap once on the watch’s face or swiping to the right to access the app menu, but the new update will substitute the single tap function for increased interactivity with the watch’s ‘home page’.

This includes cycling through different face options, toggling between different information states (e.g. weather, notifications, or travel information), fitness data, or opening up a new activity to share screen space – all through a series of taps.

Lastly, LG G Watch R will also benefit from the update, which will enable Wi-Fi capability at last after the device was seemingly left out of the previous Android update.

There’s no news on when the new update will be available, with Phandroid just saying that August is a likely window, but given the frequent updates Apple is providing for its Watch, we expect it to be fairly soon.

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