EC Unveils Legal Framework Revisions For Drones

European Aviation Safety Agency could revise drone legislation enabling drone deliveries in the future

The European Commission (EC) has unveiled a new aviation strategy for Europe, one that includes includes a legal framework revision for the safe use of drones in the continent’s skies.

The EC, working with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), said it wants to “pave the way for our industry’s success in this promising market” of drones.

“The introduction of new technologies such as drones should have a positive effect on growth and jobs as new skills and competences such as drone specialists or flight data analysts will have to be developed,” said the Commission.


“Europe must in particular unleash the full potential of drones. That is why the Strategy proposes a legal framework to ensure safety and legal certainty for industry and addresses concerns related to privacy and data protection, security and the environment.”

The news has of course already been hailed by Amazon, which revealed further details about its Prime Air drone delivery service during this year’s Black Friday weekend.

droneThe retail giant released a new video outlining its drone delivery program, which includes a guarantee of a 30 minute delivery. But the company has never been concrete on when such a program would be implemented.

“As we develop this exciting new technology, we support the pragmatic, flexible, risk-based approach to drone regulation that has been pursued by European authorities, in particular EASA (the European Aviation Safety Agency),” said Amazon.

“We look forward to continuing our constructive relationship with the Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers, EASA and relevant external associations during the development of this regulatory framework, and we are very excited to make Prime Air a reality for our customers.”

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