Bosch Reveals Its Plan For The Connected Home

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Robert Bosch Smart Home unit will bring existing smart home and appliances together

German appliance manufacturer Bosch has launched its plan for a new range of smart home connected products with the creation of a new business unit.

Robert Bosch Smart Home will bring together the company’s existing work with smart appliances and the connected home to offer a single-source portal to control everything within your home from an app.

Bosch says it hopes to show off the first products, from the new business, which include a smart home controller (pictured below), a smart thermostat, and a contact for doors or windows, at CES 2016 in January.


bosch smart home“Setting up the Bosch smart-home subsidiary is an important strategic step toward pooling and expanding on our range of solutions for the smart home. Smart homes facilitate new services that make their occupants’ lives easier, and they offer major business potential,” says Dr. Stefan Hartung, the member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH responsible for the Energy and Building Technology business sector.

Bosch says its smart products will be able to be controlled via a smartphone or tablet, which can access and control every appliance in a home. This app will be linked to a central control unit that connects the components with each other and to the internet.

The company is also making the Bosch smart-home system modular and expandable, making it easy to connect compatible devices made by other manufacturers.

In the future, it is also hoped that users will be able to use the Bosch smart-home app to combine the basic functions of unrelated devices, such as doors and windows communicating with a heating system to turn down the temperature if a window is left open.

Bosch says its smart home systems meet the highest standards of data protection and data security, and has set up a ‘centre of competence’ for product security to ensure development and performance standards are met.

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