Peugot To Integrate ChatGPT Across Car Line

e-3008 peugot ev

Stellantis’ Peugot to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI into voice assistant across car line, rolls out eight-year EV warranty

Stellantis’ Peugot brand said on Tuesday it would integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT into the car’s voice assistant feature across its cars and vans, following competitors such as Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz that have also brought in the popular technology.

Peugot plans to initially launch the feature in a pilot programme on Wednesday in France, Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain, and intends to make it a standard feature later this year.

“We will introduce ChatGPT in all cars, including the new e-3008 model, and small commercial vehicles,” Peugot product director Jerome Micheron told a media call at the company’s E-Lion Day 2024 event.

The chatbot is to be integrated with Peugot’s i-Cockpit voice assistant, which will allow it to be accessed through the car’s “OK Peugot” voice control feature, Peugot said.

e-3008 peugot ev
Peugot’s e-3008 electric SUV. Image credit: Peugot

AI voice interface

It will be able to answer specific questions, such as suggesting landmarks to visit in a city and then guiding drivers there via the car’s sat-nav system.

Activation for the pilot scheme will be possible via an over-the-air update, Peugot said.

“It’s a new feature that allows you to command the car while keeping hands on the steering wheel and hands on the road, and it’s going to help us to answer an amazing variety of questions and topics,” Micheron said.

Mercedes last year launched a trial in the US allowing drivers to interact with ChatGPT via its MBUX smart assistant, saying it could conduct conversations, answer queries about a destination or suggest a recipe.

e-3008 peugot ev
Peugot’s e-3008 electric SUV. Image credit: Peugot

Electric vehicle warranty

At its event Peugot also introduced an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty programme for its e-3008 electric SUV, covering the electric motor, charging system, powertrain and electrical and mechanical components.

The warranty is launching across major European markets, including the UK, for both private and business customers.

Peugot said the warranty was intended to help build confidence in switching to EVs at a time when adoption of the vehicles has slowed for the first time since a surge that began in 2020.

“I think this is absolutely essential to assure our customers about Peugeot and everything we are offering in terms of electric vehicles,” said Peugot chief executive Linda Jackson.

Over the course of last year Western carmakers including Stellantis went from long waiting lists to offering discounts to stimulate demand, forcing them to offer discounts for the first time, HSBC found in a November study.

mercedes chatgpt
Image credit: Mercedes-Benz