Alibaba Begins Drone Trials By Delivering Ginger Tea

The Chinese e-commerce giant says the drones will deliver within an hour of ordering

Not to be outdone by e-commerce competitor Amazon, Chinese giant Alibaba will be delivering packages with drones in a three-day trial in China.

Starting today, Alibaba will be offering to ship ginger tea to 450 customers that live within a specified delivery range.


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“This is a one-off campaign where ginger tea packets ordered on Taobao can be delivered to designated cities or regions within an hour,” Alibaba wrote to Forbes.

“We’re unsure about future possibilities yet, but this is our first drone delivery service campaign.”

Tea is generally a very light material, and the packages are limited to just 340g. However, Alibaba has claimed that the parcels will arrive within an hour of ordering, as lojng as the customers are within a specified radios of GuangZhoe, Beijing, and Shanghai.

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