How 3D Printing Will Change Your Industry

3D printing is on the verge of becoming a mainstream technology but how will it change your business?

3D printed organs and medical appliances

Doctors and other healthcare professionals see the remit of 3D printing in the medical world.

Glyn Cotton, head of the creative technology studio at experience design agency Foolproof, says printed organs and human flesh will affect the health space dramatically over the next few years.

“Very soon there will be the ability to print organs and human flesh even bone. This will lower the need for organ donors and enable doctors and surgeons to act quicker on patients who need urgent treatment. The natural progression for this is similar to that that the surgical industry has had over the past years,” he explains.

“One idvelleman-3d-printerea we predict will become a reality in the future is the ability to print skin/muscle/organ tissue directly on to a patient.

“This could speed up recovery and reduce the risk of rejection as the tissue would be based on your stem cells instead of a donor.

“We also anticipate the development of full 3D printed organs built specifically to a patient’s requirements.” 

Cotton highlighted that in the future, medical innovation may be 3D printed too: “In the past, prostheses and medical devices were often poorly designed, and poorly fitting. While custom items have become more widely available, these remained expensive and time-consuming to produce.”

“3D printing has allowed custom made items to be produced much more quickly and cost effectively. Since products can be produced ‘on-location’ wherever there’s a 3D printer, this could drastically improve the healthcare access of individuals in remote areas.

“As this tech continues to develop and improve, we might then see digital rights management software built into 3D printer tech, meaning that customers could purchase a digital modelling file of an item and then print it in their home. In this case they could print replacement orthopaedic shoes or prescription glasses without having to book an appointment and visit a doctor.”

3D printing may be a new, somewhat niche area, but it’s certainly growing by the day and the benefits are constantly hitting the headlines. Right now, it remains an area of interest for big firms and government organisations. But soon, you could have a affordable, easy-to-use 3D printer of your own.

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