Tech Quiz Of The Week: Startups And Investments


What do you know Uber, Airbnb and the startup scene? Test your knowledge here

Everyone has a great idea in them. The challenge is getting the right knowledge, skills and investment to make them a reality.

Uber and Airbnb have transformed the way we think about transport and accommodation, enabling the ‘sharing economy’ and making it easier than ever for supply to meet demand.

Startup quiz

techcityThe two are now so embedded in the public consciousness that they have become verbs and must be mentioned at least once during every technology industry presentation.

But there are thousands of startups out there, each trying to make our lives easier. Some are close to home too: Laundrapp, Just East and Deliveroo are all part of the burgeoning community in the capital based in Tech City and beyond.

And startups are making an impact in the enterprise world too, with venture capitalists investing billions in young companies, and larger players snapping up smaller competition.

But what do you know about the world of startups and investment?

Find out with our quiz!