Google Pay To Close In US, To ‘Simplify’ Payment Apps

Mobile payments service from Google to be changed again, with shuttering of standalone Google Pay app in the US

Alphabet’s Google division to close another customer-facing service, as part of its efforts to ‘ ‘simplify’ its mobile payments service.

In a blog post last week, Joris van Mens, group product manager for Google Pay, announced that the “US version of the standalone Google Pay app will no longer be available for use starting 4 June, 2024.”

However Google Wallet will continue to be available for users in the United States, and it comes after a decade of of rebranding for Google’s mobile payment service.

Multiple rebrands

Google Wallet had first launched in the US in 2011 before coming to other markets (such as the UK) in 2012.

In 2015 Google Wallet was rebranded as Android Pay.

Then six years ago in 2018 Android Pay was rebranded yet again, but this time as Google Pay.

Then in 2022 Google Wallet made a comeback, replacing Google Pay in most countries.

However, Google decided to offer both apps (Google Pay and Google Wallet) in the US.

But now according to the blog post from Google’s van Mens, because Google Wallet is used five times as much as Google Pay in the US, the company has decided to opt for one app going forward.

Google Pay US

“For over a decade, we’ve helped people around the world make simple and secure digital payments powered by Google Pay – whether they’re making purchases online or in physical stores,” wrote Van Mens.

“Today, millions of people in over 180 countries use Google Pay to securely check out when shopping with their favourite retailers on desktop using ChromeOS, macOS and Windows PC, from Android and iOS apps, and in stores.”

“Google Wallet continues to be the primary place for people to securely store payment cards used for tap and pay in stores, alongside other digital items like transit cards, driver’s licenses, state IDs and more,” wrote Van Mens.

“To simplify the app experience, the US version of the standalone Google Pay app will no longer be available for use starting June 4, 2024,” wrote Van Mens. “You can continue to access the most popular features – tapping to pay in stores and managing payment methods – right from Google Wallet, which is used five times more than the Google Pay app in the US.”

Van Mens added that this change for customers in the US, will not impact customers in other markets who are still using Google Pay.

“And for the millions of people who use the Google Pay app in India and Singapore, nothing will change as we continue to build for the unique needs in those countries,” van Mens wrote.

But from 4 June 2024, users will no longer be able to send, request or receive money from others through the US version of the Google Pay app.