Free 100 Sensor PRTG Licence Helps Businesses Do Business

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ADVERTORIAL: Paessler PRTG allows businesses to monitor their IT infrastructure, reducing financial and reputational risk

In order to keep their businesses running smoothly, business owners rely on a consistent and reliable IT network.  Malfunctions, resulting in downtime, can have a detrimental effect, leading to financial loss and, potentially, reputational damage. SMEs are particularly at risk, as they may not have the money to invest in maintaining their IT infrastructure.

A unified monitoring tool such as Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor can help small businesses keep track of their entire IT infrastructure. This enables them to have complete visibility of their hardware, virtualisation layers and applications, allowing them to resolve IT issues before they can have a negative impact on network performance and, ultimately, their business.

networksTo help the SME community, Paessler is now offering its 100 sensor licence of PRTG for free, giving business owners the ability to monitor their IT networks with a full version of the company’s award-winning product at no cost. PRTG 100, which previously cost €330 to buy, includes the full range of features that come with a standard PRTG licence.


Much-needed support for overstretched IT staff

The growth of the standard IT network has left many network administrators at SMEs struggling to cope. While IT networks at smaller companies are not as vast as those at larger enterprises, they are just as complex, and managed by fewer staff working to tighter budgets. PRTG 100 helps IT professionals to monitor the performance of the network at minimal cost.

Full range of functions – for free

PRTG 100 will provide users with the complete range of features and functions that are included as part of a standard paid-for license. The 100 sensors included are able to monitor servers, switches, devices, virtual environments and applications, providing a comprehensive overview of an organisation’s IT infrastructure.

In addition, PRTG 100 will include software updates, free support, and app versions for iOS, Android, Blackberry (Beta) and Windows Phone at no cost, allowing administrators to monitor their network on the move.

Bonus offer

Users of PRTG 100 are also being offered an additional bonus. They will be able to trial PRTG with an unlimited amount of sensors for 30 days, in order to sample the most effective and comprehensive version of PRTG currently on the market. After the free trial expires, customers will be able to continue using the PRTG 100 license indefinitely.

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