Silicon UK Pulse: Your Tech News Update: Episode 1

Silicon UK Pulse: Your Tech News Update

Welcome to Silicon UK Pulse – your roundup of the latest tech news and developments impacting your business for the week ending 05/05/2023.

Welcome to Silicon UK Pulse

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I’m James Marriott with all the big technology news from the last week.


Britain’s antitrust regulator has been refused permission to appeal a ruling that it had no power to open an investigation into Apple’s mobile browser and cloud gaming services

Apple had won an appeal in March against the decision by the Competition and Markets Authority – or CMA – to launch a full investigation into the dominance of Apple and Alphabet’s Google.

The CMA can still take its bid for permission to appeal against the tribunal’s ruling directly to the Court of Appeal.


A man described as ‘the godfather of AI’ has quit Google and opened up about his concerns about the tech

Dr Geoffrey Hinton told the New York Times he was worried over the flood of misinformation, the possibility for AI to upend the job market, and the “existential risk” posed by the creation of a true digital intelligence.

Dr Hinton is 75 and had joined Google in 2013 when it acquired his company, DNN Research.


Windows 10 won’t be getting any more updates

Microsoft’s announced the current version, called 22H2, will be the last.

It launched in 2015 before being replaced by WIndows 11 in 2021.

But it will provide ‘support’ for Windows 10 through until October 2025.


The NHS COVID-19 app has officially closed down

It was launched in 2020 with the aim of warning users if they’d been close to someone with the virus.

That became known as being ‘pinged’ and told to self-isolate.

That of course led to the so-called ‘pingdemic’ in December 2021 with some 700 thousand notifications sent out in just one week.

It was downloaded around 30 million times altogether.


Intel’s posted its largest ever quarterly loss, a whopping 2.77 billion dollars, for the first quarter of the year

Equally bad news on the revenue front as well, with sales down 36 per cent to 11.7 billion dollars.

But some good news for – shares in the firm actually jumped eight per cent after the CEO claimed the PC market was stabilising after multiple quarters of decline.


It’s not often we talk about Apple and Google working TOGETHER on something but that’s exactly what’s happened this week

The two giants have teamed up to collaborate on attempts to stop people using tracking devices to stalk someone.

It comes after reports of items like Apple’s AirTags being used for malicious tracking.

One lawsuit in the US claims a woman was stalked by an ex-partner hiding the devices in her belongings.


Twitter has announced plans to allow publishers to charge users to read their articles

It’s aimed at people who don’t want to pay for a full subscription.

Instead they just cough up to read a single article instead, all done in just one click.

Elon Musk revealed the new policy in a tweet at the weekend, saying it ‘should be a major win-win for both media organisations and the public’


The British microchip designing firm Arm has filed to sell its shares in the US

That’s a blow to the UK who had hoped the company would consider a dual listing in both countries.

The move paves the way for one of the largest initial public offerings of the year.

In a statement, Arm said the size and price range for the proposed offering had not yet been confirmed, but a number of reports have suggested the firm is aiming to raise between $8bn and $10bn.


New development in the lengthy history of BlackBerry could be underway

The firm previously known as Research in Motion has announced this week that its Board of Directors “will initiate a review of its portfolio of businesses.”

It was founded way back in 1984 originally making pagers and then of course its famous smartphones in the early noughties before finally axing that division of its business last year.


There’s a new boss at the telecom giant Vodafone

It’s opted to promote from within and announced Marhherita Della Valle as CEO.

She had been in the position on an interim basis since the new year, having previously held the role of CFO.

It comes after Nick Read stepped down as chief executive last December.


And if you’ve waiting for a pair of headphones which also double up as air purifier – good news!

Dyson might be better known for vacuum cleaners and fans, but its latest venture is Dyson Zone.

And yeah, it’s pretty much headphones, with a visor around the front which pumps filtered air into your nose and mouth.

“Pure air and pure audio” is the marketing slogan.

If you fancy a pair, you’ll have to dig deep – prices start at £749.99

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