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Rackspace Offers Free Download Of Open Cloud Platform

Rackspace’s new OpenCenter dashboard fronting OpenStack-based software aims to ease deployment

Rackspace Hosting has added several new features and a unified interface to the OpenStack-powered Rackspace Private Cloud software in a bid to ease configuration and operations of private clouds in enterprise data centres.

The update has been rolled out as a free download on the Rackspace website. The tools replicate the ones Rackspace uses for its own Open Cloud hosting platform offering.

rackspacejpgDeployment interface

The new OpenCenter management toolset will allow administrators to deploy private clouds within their data centres using OpenStack technology via the interface and APIs. OpenCenter also features a point-and-click API for deployment and management of high availability environments for OpenStack controller nodes.

Rackspace private clouds can be deployed on Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS host operating systems.

Jim Curry, senior vice president and general manager for Rackspace Private Cloud, said that OpenCenter with its new user interface and orchestration tool built to deploy, operate and scale on-premise private clouds “paves the way for Rackspace to bring its continuous integration and deployment expertise from the public cloud arena into private enterprise data centres”.

“We are taking our own solid technology practices forward into private open cloud,” he added.

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