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Kroll Ontrack Touts Data Recovery Via Cloud

Tom Jowitt is a leading British tech freelance and long standing contributor to TechWeek Europe

Look Mum, no hands! Now, engineers at Kroll Ontrack don’t require physical access to a damaged drive to undertake data recovery

Data recovery specialist Kroll Ontrack has released a new version of its Ontrack Remote Data Recovery (RDR) software, with an added security bonus for its customers.

The new version will allow the company’s engineers to remotely access a damaged hard disk, removing the need for the customer to physically send away a hard disk or storage device.

Remote Access

The engineers are highlighting the ability of the new software to increase both the speed and reliability of recovery for those unlucky organisations or individuals that are confronted with serious data loss. This is achieved thanks to the remote access capability.

The RDR software allows a customer to keep the storage device or hard disk on their premises, or within their data centre. To access the damaged device, engineers can establish a secure remote Internet connection between the customer and the Kroll Ontrack lab, before they begin their data recovery work.

Kroll OntrackThis remote access capability can also help organisations maintain their internal security and data compliance requirements.

“As a result, Ontrack Data Recovery engineers gain full access to individual disks, RAID systems, virtual machines, SANs or LUNs remotely, saving the customer significant time because shipping drives to a Kroll Ontrack data recovery lab is eliminated,” said the company.

The remote access capability also means the company can pool from its global network of engineers in order to maximise resources and knowledge-sharing to complete the job.

The installation of the Ontrack RDR software has been improved, and it now automatically detects all required connection settings automatically, removing the need to manually enter the IP Address, DNA server name or HTTP switch.

Onsite Recovery

“In many data recovery cases, including servers with a damaged drive, there is no need to disassemble complex storage systems and send a hard disk to one of our data recovery labs,” said Phil Bridge, MD at Kroll Ontrack. “Within minutes, customers can instead attach the working drives to a running computer system via Ontrack RDR software.”

“As the only data recovery provider that utilises its own software for this service, data is not exposed to any third-party entities, ensuring paramount security while also an efficient data recovery service,” added Bridge.

Ontrack RDR supports data recovery on NetApp, VMware, EMC, HP, Dell and many other SAN/NAS systems, as well as Windows-based machines.

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