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BAE Systems Offers Up Cloud Security Suite

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BAE Systems Applied Intelligence announces cloud-based cyber security tools for commercial organisations

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence has made a move into the cloud security space with a new suite of tools that will target European firms.

The tools promise to defend organisations from all sorts of targeted cyber threats, including so-called “zero day attacks” – attacks that target flaws in software that are not known to the vendor.

Insider threats

“Today we are introducing European companies to protection against the most sophisticated attacks in a way that is easy to buy, consume and manage,” said Scott McVicar, the company’s general manager for commercial solutions in EMEA. “Whilst being delivered within short timescales, on cloud-based infrastructure and with the inherent flexibility to scale up or down, as required.”

Other services in the suite include systems designed to prevent insider threats, anti-virus and anti-spam tools, email data loss prevention tools, and email encryption.

security“In the face of an ever evolving cyber threat and increasing budget pressures, companies are increasingly seeking better protection through advanced security platforms while requiring that costs be significantly reduced,” said the company.

“The new services offered by BAE Systems meet this demand. They are offered entirely from the cloud, greatly reducing integration time and complexity, and eliminating the need for on-premises software and hardware. Customers will gain access to the technology they need more easily and more quickly in a way that suits them.”

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