IBM Flirts With Developers On Open Source Tech Platform

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developerWorks Open platform allows developers to collaborate with IBM on a newly released set of open source technologies

IBM is launching a platform that it claims will help cloud developers push enterprise adoption of cloud innovations.

developerWorks Open will see IBM release 50 projects to the open source community, giving developers access emerging to the company’s technologies, as well as technical expertise and collaboration tools.

“IBM firmly believes that open source is the foundation of innovative application development in the cloud,” said IBM vice president of cloud architecture and technology Angel Diaz.


“With developerWorks Open, we are open sourcing additional IBM innovations that we feel have the potential to grow the community and ecosystem and eventually become established technologies.”


IBM said that the project represents the next step of its commitment to the open source community, a commitment that will address the “lack of strategic focus” currently in the sector, according the company.

The projects opened up to developers on the platform include those in industries such as healthcare, mobile, retail, insurance and banking.

IBM will also offer these services on its programming platform for cloud software development, Bluemix.

“The creation of developerWorks Open comes at an important time for cloud developers,” said IBM.

“Organisations are wrestling with getting the most out of their multiple clouds environments. For instance, a developer building cloud applications on Bluemix, that requires storing videos and repair photos for an insurance accident claim application, may have difficulty making a choice and then implementing. developerWorks Open helps simplify that choice and provides the reassurance that this has industry support.”

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