Search Engines

DuckDuckGo Search Engine Grows 46 Percent In 2021

Privacy focused search engine DuckDuckGo enjoys record growth in 2021, reflecting people's ongoing preference for privacy

4 weeks ago

Top Search On Bing Is ‘Google’, Google Tells Court

Top search term on Microsoft's Bing is 'Google', Google tells European Union court as it argues record £4bn antitrust fine…

4 months ago

European Commission Launches New Google Data Probe

Commission taking a new look into Google's collection and use of data in wake of multiple antitrust decisions and 8…

2 years ago

European Court Opinion Sides With Google ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Limits

In a preliminary opinion, the court finds that delisted search results only need to be made inaccessible for users within…

3 years ago

Europe’s Top Court Considers ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Cases

Google is contesting efforts to extend the right to be forgotten to non-European search domains, as well as tougher measures…

3 years ago

Microsoft Warns EU Copyright Proposal Could Stunt Digital Growth

The Windows giant said data-mining limitations could harm economic development and stop Europe from catching up with AI and data…

3 years ago

Google Brings Jobs Search Feature To UK

Google for Jobs, launched in the US last year, arrives ahead of an expected record-breaking antitrust fine by the European…

4 years ago

EU, France Take Action Against ‘Abusive’ Google, Apple App Stores

The European Commission has drafted stricter rules for app stores, e-commerce sites and search engines, while French legal action targets…

4 years ago

Google Appeals £2.2bn EU Antitrust Fine For Search Abuse

Google will appeal the fine issued by the EC but it will still have to change practices by 28 September

4 years ago

Antitrust Settlement Sees Google Open Android Search In Russia

The deal with Russian regulator FAS will allow manufacturers to pre-install rivals' search and other applications

5 years ago

IT Life: Victor Lamburt, CTO Yandex Zen

Yandex Zen CTO discusses challenges to grow the Russian firm internationally, his love of programming and his astrophysicist dream

5 years ago

Google Approves £1bn Post-Brexit London Expansion

Google believes the UK's prospects outside the EU remain strong

5 years ago

Google Research Finds Nuisance Software Deluge

Users are being targeted by more than 60 million download attempts per week

5 years ago

EC Slaps Google With More Antitrust “Objections”

European Commission expands its probe of Google's shopping and advertising services with additional "objections"

6 years ago

Google Trends Shows Massive Brexit Uncertainty After Polls Closed

Searches for 'what happens if we leave the EU' surge 250 percent two hours after polls closed

6 years ago

Bing Malware Warnings Get More Specific

Microsoft's broswer will now alert users when a dangerous site is looking to steal information or contains malicous links

6 years ago

Google ‘Faces £2.3bn EC Fine’ For Alleged Search Dominance Abuse

The Commission is reportedly set to levy a record-breaking €3bn fine over Google's abuse of its search dominance

6 years ago

DuckDuckGo Stumps Up Cash For Open Source Projects

Anonymous Internet search engine DuckDuckGo announces funding awards for worthy open source projects

6 years ago

Microsoft Stops Cortana Working With Anything Except Bing And Edge

Searches made using Cortana will only open in Bing and Microsoft Edge as struggle for browser and search market share…

6 years ago

Bing Lets Users Edit Code Samples In Search Results

Microsoft's search engine now displays editable code snippets for common programming problems directly in results

6 years ago

Online Searches Suggest How UK Will Vote On EU Referendum

UK citizens are hungry for facts as they prepare to make informed decisions on the European Union (EU)

6 years ago

Google Joins Unicef’s Fight Against Zika Virus

Google partners UNICEF in the global fight against the Zika virus, with mapping data and more

6 years ago

Larry Page Reveals More About Alphabet

Rare public talk from Google co-founder sees Project Loon hailed and more details on Alphabet, which Page says will foster…

6 years ago

Google Given More Time To Respond To Antitrust Requests

Google (or Alphabet) has until the end of the month to respond to EU antitrust information requests

6 years ago

Mozilla Lets Users Re-Route Cortana Traffic With Windows 10-Oriented Firefox 40

Firefox 40 will allow users to re-route Windows 10 Cortana traffic away from Bing and to a search engine of…

6 years ago

Google Points To Mobile Growth As Advertising Boosts Revenues

Revenues increase 11 percent with Google claiming strong mobile performance, easing investor worries

7 years ago

Google Shifts Search Results Toward Mobile

Sites that don't pass Google's criteria for 'mobile-friendliness' should expect to see search traffic drop, the company said

7 years ago

Google Set For Mass Internet Balloon Launch

The search company says it is now close to being able to launch 'thousands' of units in its Project Loon…

7 years ago

Google Hits Back At European Antitrust ‘Objections’

Search giant “strongly disagrees” with the EC's “statement of objections” as it opens formal Android probe

7 years ago

Google Braced For Formal EU Antitrust Charges

European Competition Commissioner reportedly ready to slap Google with formal antitrust charges

7 years ago