investigatory powers

MI5 Handling Of Personal Data ‘Unlawful’, Watchdog Warns

Intelligence agency did not store data correctly and kept it for too long, official watchdog warns

5 years ago

Police Boss Demands Speedy Facebook Data Access

Met Police Commissioner says detectives need access to material from social media companies "within minutes"

6 years ago

Government To Place Limits On ‘Snooper’s Charter’

Police will now require independent authorisation to access data, but critics say the changes don't limit 'indiscriminate surveillance' of personal…

7 years ago

Home Office Criticised Over ‘Flimsy’ Consultation For Investigatory Powers Act

Longer consultation needed. Open letter slams Home Secretary Amber Rudd for 'breaching' Cabinet Office guidelines

7 years ago

‘Snooper’s Charter’ Repeal Petition To Be Considered By Parliament

The petition is to be considered for parliamentary debate after receiving more than 130,000 signatures

8 years ago

Apple: Investigatory Powers Bill Would ‘Weaken Security’

The controversial surveillance bill would put users' communications at risk from hackers, Apple has argued in a submission to Parliament

9 years ago