CES 2024: Nvidia Stock Surges After AI Graphics Card Launch

Nvidia stock closes higher after it launches latest range of graphics cards enabling high-end AI features that run locally on…

5 months ago

Intel Finally Reveals First 10th Gen Core Processors

After many years delay, Intel finally reveals its 10 nanometer” 'Ice Lake' processors for tablets and laptops

5 years ago

VMworld: AMD Introduces Radeon Pro V340 For High-Density Data Centres

The graphics board includes two Vega graphics chips along with enough memory to carry out heavy-duty remote workloads for up…

6 years ago

Apple Opens Office Near Imagination’s Headquarters As Dispute Intensifies

Apple is setting up an office a few miles from Imagination Technologies' premises, fuelling concerns it could poach key staff

7 years ago

Imagination Says Apple Plans To Stop Paying iPhone Royalties

Imagination's shares plummetted on the news that Apple plans to stop using the British company's graphics technology in its iPhones,…

7 years ago

Mozilla Explores Faster Web Loading With Mozjpeg Encoder

Mozilla announces the Mozjpeg JPEG encoder to enable faster loading times for web pages

10 years ago

Delayed AMD ‘Kaveri’ Chips To Arrive By Year-End

AMD's graphics chip is now scheduled to appear in desktop and notebook PCs in the first quarter of next year

11 years ago

Intel Haswell Rolled Out For Xeon E3 Servers

Intel has rolled out the first Xeon server processors that includes the Haswell architecture

11 years ago

Intel Integrates Iris Graphics For Haswell Chips

Intel has unveiled its Iris Graphics for Haswell chips in order to challenge the likes of Nvidia and Radeon

11 years ago

HP Hits The Graphics Market With All-in-One 27-Inch Workstation

HP has stepped up its game with the Z1, a massive, all-in-one workstation with a big display and snap-open case

12 years ago