export controls

Biden Admin Mulls Export Restrictions For AI Models – Report

The United States reportedly considers restricting China and Russia's access to AI models found in tools such as ChatGPT

2 weeks ago

US Revokes Some Intel, Qualcomm China Export Licences – Report

Chip giants Intel and Qualcomm complain of sales impact after United States revokes some of their export licences to China

2 weeks ago

China Tells Telecom Carriers To Phase Out Foreign Chips – Report

Tit-for-tat. Another blow for Intel and AMD in China, after Beijing orders telecom carriers to phase out foreign chips

1 month ago

US To Urge Holland To Halt ASML Servicing Tools For China

Turning the screws on Beijing. Biden Administration to urge the Netherlands to stop ASML servicing some tools in China

2 months ago

US Tightens AI Chip Export Restrictions To China

New restrictions online. Export rules of AI chips to China, announced last October, went into force late last week

2 months ago

United States Suspends Exports To China’s Top Chipmaker SMIC – Report

After SMIC produced sophisticated chip for Huawei's Mate 60 Pro phone, US suspends export permissions to the firm

3 months ago

Nvidia Delays Launch Of AI Chip For China – Report

Customers in China informed by Nvidia that it delaying launch of new AI chip that will comply with US export…

6 months ago

China Still Acquiring Chip-making Equipment, Despite US Ban

Report finds Chinese companies, despite White House ban, are still purchasing US chip-making equipment for advanced semiconductors

6 months ago

China Lashes Out As US Tightens Chip Export Controls

Trade war intensifies, as Beijing lashes out at toughens export controls from US. Nvidia confirms new rules will impact AI…

7 months ago

US Cuts China Off From AI Chips, As Export Controls Tightened

Beijing reacts with anger, as United States and President Biden tighten export controls to China for advanced computer chips

7 months ago

US Warns China Of Update To Chip Export Controls

Biden administration not blinking first, as Beijing is warned by US of imminent update to export rules on AI chips…

8 months ago

US Denies Restricting AI Chip Sales To Middle East

US government official denies AMD and Nvidia claims they are being denied permission to sell AI chips to Middle East

9 months ago

UK, EU, Mull Tighter China Controls After New US Restriction

Will they follow? Both the United Kingdom and European Union to consider new US investment ban in China for 'sensitive…

9 months ago

President Biden Executive Order Targets Tech Investments In China

Tech crackdown against Beijing continues after President Biden signs executive order to prohibit certain tech investments in China

9 months ago

US Lawmakers Call For Stricter AI Chip Export Controls

Two senior US lawmakers call for further export restrictions on AI chip exports to China as domestic chip industry protests

10 months ago

US Considers AI Chip Export Restrictions For China

Bad news for Nvidia and AMD, as US considers tightening export controls to China of powerful AI chips and processors

11 months ago

China Urges Japan To Drop Chip Export Restrictions

Minister hits back and says China is “strongly dissatisfied with” Japan’s decision to halt the export of chipmaking equipment

12 months ago

Germany Denies Chip Making Chemical Export Ban To China

There are currently no plans ban export to China of chemicals used to manufacture semiconductors, Germany says

1 year ago

Seagate To Pay $300m Penalty Over Huawei Exports

Ouch. Seagate to hand over $300 million in fines after it exported 7.4 hard disk drives to Huawei, despite US…

1 year ago

China Asks WTO To Scrutinise Chip Export Restrictions

Beijing seeks WTO help, and says it will “take decisive measures to safeguard its rights and interests” after Japan joined…

1 year ago

Japan Joins US, Netherlands, In Chip Export Restrictions To China

Confirmation that Japan is now joining the US and the Netherlands in restricting semiconductor manufacturing equipment

1 year ago

Netherlands Joins US In China Chip Export Restrictions

China logs official complaint, after the Netherlands plans new restrictions on exports of semiconductor tech

1 year ago

Chinese President Xi Urges Tech Independence

Facing increasing US export controls on advanced technology, Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for tech self-reliance

1 year ago

ASML Data Theft By Ex China Staffer Violated Export Controls

ASML discovers its tech has been stolen by China employee, which resulted in violation of “certain export control regulations”

1 year ago

US Official Confirms Japan, Netherlands Joined US China Chip Sanctions

American official acknowledges deal with Japan and the Netherlands for new restrictions on chip-making tool exports to China

1 year ago

Dutch Minister Queries Compliance Over US Chinese Export Controls

The Netherlands will not summarily accept new US restrictions on exporting chip-making technology to China, minister warns

1 year ago

ARM Refuses To Sell Advanced Chip Designs To Alibaba – Report

British chip designer ARM reportedly refuses to sell advanced chip designs to a Chinese company, citing US/UK export restrictions

1 year ago

Nvidia Offers Slower Chip For China That Meets US Export Controls

New 'advanced' chip is being offered to China by US firm Nvidia, which it says meets America's strict export control…

2 years ago

US Expects Deal With Allies To Implement China Chip Restrictions

Biden administration indicates a deal is near with key allies to also apply export restrictions on chip-making tools to China

2 years ago

US Instructs AMD, Nvidia To Halt AI Shipments To China

Two leading American chipmakers, Nvidia and AMD, have been ordered to stop selling some of their AI-related technology to China

2 years ago