Isle of Arran Gets White Space Radio Powered Broadband

Nominet and Broadway Partners plan to extend white space broadband to other parts of Scotland and Wales using unused TV…

6 years ago

Ofcom Says Any 700MHz Switchover Won’t Harm Freeview

Ofcom investigates possibility of reassigning 700MHz for mobile braodband but says Freeview TV remains too important to be margnialised

8 years ago

Broadcasters Say Freeview TV Is More Valuable Than Mobile Data

Ofcom should not neglect digital terrestrial TV in favour of 4G, say broadcasters

9 years ago

At800 4G Freeview Interference Tests To Start In York

Around 10,000 households are to be notified of 4G Freeview interference tests

9 years ago

At800 Sends 28,000 Freeview 4G Filters To West London Residents

Residents in Brentford and Isleworth are sent aerial filters to block out 4G at 800Mhz

9 years ago

At800 Starts London 4G Freeview Interference Tests

Up to 170,000 households in southeast London are being asked to report any problems

9 years ago

Freeview 4G Interference Not As Bad As First Feared

Tests in West Midlands affect fewer homes than expected and are easily solved

9 years ago

End Of Analogue TV Paves The Way For 4G

Analogue television ceases to broadcast in the UK, killing off Ceefax in the process

10 years ago

Mobile Operators Create Joint-Venture To Deal With 4G Freeview Interference

New company will accelerate rollout of 4G services in the UK

10 years ago

4G Could Affect TV Signal For 2m Households

Mobile operators will be forced to pay for disruption

10 years ago