Staff At Samsung Stage First Ever Walk Out

Trade union at Samsung Electronics in South Korea said many workers have staged a first ever strike on Friday

2 weeks ago

Micron Notes DRAM Supply Hit After Taiwan Earthquake

Concerns realised. Memory maker Micron admits hit to DRAM supply following Taiwan's biggest earthquake in 25 years

2 months ago

Trial Begins Of Samsung Executive Accused Of Stealing Chip Secrets

Trial begins in South Korea of former executive who allegedly attempted to use Samsung secrets in China chip plant deal

11 months ago

Semiconductor Revenue To Decline In 2023, Gartner Warns

Gartner forecasts global semiconductor revenue to decline 11.2 percent in 2023, amid economic uncertainties and weakening demand

1 year ago

Micron Breaks Ground For $15bn US Memory Chip Plant

Micron breaks ground for $15bn memory chip plant as part of $40bn US investment fuelled by $52bn Chips and Science…

2 years ago

Chinese Chip Giant Fujian Jinhua To Cease Operations After US Ban

The start-up, founded with massive state investment in 2016, has all but run out of imported materials following the US'…

5 years ago

Samsung Issues Shock Profit Warning, Amid Slowing Chip Demand

Another sign of tech slowdown? Samsung warns weak chip demand will keep profits subdued

5 years ago

Chinese Memory Start-Up Caught In Crossfire Of US-China Trade War

Fujian Jinhua, intended as a major competitor to Micron, Samsung and Hynix in the memory market, has denied stealing trade…

6 years ago

Samsung Profits Slip As Galaxy S9 Misses Sales Targets

Smartphone slowdown. South Korean giant feels the pressure from cheaper Chinese handsets

6 years ago

Samsung To Splash Extra £6Bn On South Korean Chip Plant

Samsung chip factory could focus on DRAM chip production, as well as mobile processors

9 years ago

Samsung To Build £4.4 Billion NAND Chip Plant In China

The company will produce silicon to cater for China’s growing domestic market

12 years ago

Elpida Touts ReRAM As Possible DRAM Replacement

ReRAM, a new memory chip prototype, has been developed to be fast as DRAM but able to retain data when…

12 years ago

Venray Touts Combined CPU/DRAM Chip For Heavy-Duty Applications

A US company emerging from stealth mode says combining CPU cores and DRAM on a single piece of silicon brings…

12 years ago

Kaminario Tweaks DRAM Storage Appliance

Kaminario's entry-level K2 system can have 500GB of storage,and deliver 150,000 IOPS for £30,000

13 years ago