Meta Finds Facebook Propaganda Network Using Generative AI

Meta Platforms finds influence network focused on Gaza war that for first time uses generative AI to produce fake comments

1 month ago

Fake Accounts Proliferating On X, Study Warns

Ahead of US presidential election, fake accounts supporting Donald Trump are proliferating on Elon Musk's X, study finds

2 months ago

Meta Pressure Led To Harvard Termination, Alleges Misinformation Expert

Mark Zuckerberg donation of $500 million alleged to have pressured Harvard University into firing misinformation expert

7 months ago

EU Sets Deadline For Meta, TikTok To Detail Efforts To Curb Misinformation

EU demands Meta, TikTok detail efforts to curb illegal content, disinformation, amid fears of Hamas broadcasting executions

9 months ago

X CEO Linda Yaccarino Responds To EU Allegations Of ‘Illegal’ Content

CEO Linda Yaccarino says X (Twitter) has removed hundreds of Hamas-affiliated accounts, in pushback against EU letter

9 months ago

EU Writes To Mark Zuckerberg Over Hamas Attack Disinformation

Thierry Breton gives Meta similar warning issued to Elon Musk about disinformation concerning deadly attack on Israel by Hamas

9 months ago

EU Tells Tech To Resist Russian Misinformation, With Twitter Singled Out

EU official warns Elon Musk that Twitter cannot avoid its responsibilities, after it is listed as worse for spreading Russian…

10 months ago

Meta Shuts Down Huge Chinese Disinformation Campaign

Nearly 9,000 Facebook and Instagram accounts associated with Chinese disinformation campaign have been closed by Meta

11 months ago

Twitter Agrees To Comply With New EU Disinformation Rules

New CEO decision? Weeks after Twitter quit EU's disinformation code, platform agrees to comply with tough new EU laws

1 year ago

Fashion Retailer Mounts First Challenges To EU Content Rules

German online fashion retailer Zalando sues European Commission in top EU court over designation as 'very large online platform'

1 year ago

US Senators Warn Elon Musk After Twitter Safety Resignations

Departure of two safety executives at Twitter last week prompts warning from US Senators to Elon Musk over FTC compliance

1 year ago

Twitter Loses Second Head Of Trust And Safety

Twitter's head of trust and safety, Ella Irwin, confirms resignation – the second departure from that role after Elon Musk…

1 year ago

Twitter Quits EU Code Of Practice On Disinformation

Twitter leaves EU's voluntary code of practice amidst cost-cutting, but industry commissioner Thierry Breton warns obligations remain

1 year ago

Twitter Likely To Quit EU Code Against Disinformation, Says Official

Elon Musk's Twitter is likely to pull out from a voluntary EU code of practice to combat disinformation, official says

1 year ago

Twitter Revenues From Top Advertisers Plummets – Report

More than half of Twitter's top 1,000 advertisers were no longer spending on the platform in early January, new data…

1 year ago

Twitter Tells Users They Have Hit Daily Post Limit

Twitter users informed they have hit their daily post limit, as European Commission criticises its disinformation takedown efforts

1 year ago

Meta Takes Down Influence Operations By China, Russia

Covert influence campaigns run by China and Russia targeted users in US, UK, EU, covering issues such as US mid…

2 years ago

Google To Rollout Anti Disinformation Campaign In Eastern Europe

'Inoculate' trial. Campaign to tackle disinformation will be launched next week in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic

2 years ago

EU’s ‘Revised’ Disinformation Code Of Practice Backed By Tech Giants

EU's “strengthened” Code of Practice on Disinformation is signed by 34 tech firms, platforms and civil groups to beef up…

2 years ago

Australia To Give Media Regulator New Powers In Misinformation Push

Australian media regulator Acma to be able to force tech companies to hand over data relating to misinformation and disinformation…

2 years ago

Twitter To Expand Labelling Of State-Affiliated Accounts

Twitter to expand policy of labelling state-affiliated accounts to more countries, amidst controversy over political disinformation

4 years ago

EU Tells Facebook, Twitter, Google To Clamp Down On Fake News

Tech companies must do more to clamp down on fake news, amid a surge of disinformation during the global Coronavirus…

4 years ago

Twitter Fixes Serious Security Glitch In Android App

Company urges Android users to update to latest version of app after finding bug that could allow account takeovers and…

5 years ago

Twitter, Google Urged To Do More In Fight Against Fake News

Warning from European Commission comes ahead of European Parliament elections next month

5 years ago

Google Chief Sundar Pichai Faces Congressional Hot Seat This Week

In a year of belligerent hearings targeting Facebook and Twitter, Google is now set to come in for its moment…

6 years ago

Parliament May Release Seized Facebook Documents Next Week

MP Damian Collins said the internal documents are to be released once they have been stripped of personal information, amidst…

6 years ago