Microsoft President Warns Of Cyberattack ‘Onslaught’

Brad Smith tells attendees at security event that democracies at risk from cyber onslaught from the likes of Russia, China,…

3 days ago

US DoJ Charges Six Russian GRU Officers For Cyberattacks

Hackers also targeted this year's delayed Olympic Games in Tokyo says UK, as the US DoJ charges six Russian military…

5 days ago

Patient Dies In Germany After Hospital Ransomware Attack

Real world consequence of ransomware attacks. A female patient has died as a result of a cyberattack at a German…

1 month ago

New Zealand Stock Exchange Suffers DDoS Cyberattack

Dress rehearsal for attack on larger exchange? Two days outage for New Zealand's NZX, following 'offshore' DDoS cyberattack

2 months ago

Australian PM Warns Of ‘Sophisticated’ Cyber Attack By ‘State-Based’ Actor

Prime Minister Scott Morrison reveals Australia is experiencing cyber attacks across 'a range of sectors', with China reportedly the likely…

4 months ago

EasyJet Hack: Security Expert Reactions

Beware the phishing scams warn experts, as the hack of easyJet make available more valuable personal information on the dark…

5 months ago

EasyJet Admits Hack From ‘Highly Sophisticated Source’

Personal information of 9 million customers accessed in a “highly sophisticated” cyber-attack, which saw the credit card details of 2,200…

5 months ago

Germany Issues Arrest Warrant For Russian Hacker Of Bundestag

GRU Officer Dmitry Badin, who is also wanted in the US for hacking Hillary Clinton's emails, is now wanted by…

6 months ago

Boots Suspends Payments On Advantage Cards After Cyber-Attack

Second cyber-attack on a retailer's loyalty card scheme in the space of a week sees High Street chemist Boots suspend…

8 months ago

Travelex UK Website Still Down After Cyberattack

British website of foreign-currency seller Travelex is still offline after being taken down following a cyber-attack earlier in the week

10 months ago

Iran Defeats ‘Second Cyber-Attack’, Minister Claims

Telecoms minister of Iran says his country has foiled a second cyber-attack targetting government systems in less than a week

10 months ago

French Hospital Offline After Ransomware Attack

French hospital in Rouen forced to use pen and paper, after ransomware knocked out computers and servers

11 months ago

Georgia Suffers Huge Cyberattack

Thousands of websites in Georgia have been hacked and defaced with pictures of the former President

12 months ago

City Of Johannesburg Threatened With Ransomware Data Release

Ransomware attackers threaten to release data that is said to include passwords and finance information

12 months ago

Avast Confirms “Extremely Sophisticated” Hack

State sponsored actor? Security vendor admits it has been targetted by sophisticated cyberespionage campaign

1 year ago

US Carried Out Cyberattack On Iran After Saudi Oil Attack – Report

A secret US cyber-attack was reportedly carried out against Iran after an oil facility in Saudi Arabia was attacked in…

1 year ago

Pitney Bowes Says No Data Stolen After Ransomware Attack

Mailing and shipping firm Pitney Bowes has been hit by a ransomware attack, but says no data has been stolen

1 year ago

FBI Warns Businesses, ‘Don’t Pay Ransomware’ Demands

Spate of ransomware attacks sees FBI issue warning to US businesses. Main lesson? Don't pay the criminals and backup often

1 year ago

Airbus Suppliers Targeted In Multiple Cyber-Attacks

Suppliers for aircraft manufacturer Airbus have reportedly been targetted by suspected Chinese hackers, in search of commercial secrets

1 year ago

Cyberattack Could Trigger NATO Response

NATO chief warns serious cyber strike on any NATO nation could trigger Article 5 response from the alliance

1 year ago

Most Industrial Cyber Incidents Down To Human Error – Kaspersky

Pesky humans are responsible for half of cybersecurity incidents in industrial networks, Kaspersky warns

1 year ago

Chinese Government Hackers Moonlight For Extra Cash – FireEye

Will hack for cash!. Team of Chinese government-backed hackers conduct cyber operations on the side for cash

1 year ago

Louisiana Declares State Of Emergency After Ransomware Attacks

Spate of ransomware attacks on school systems leads state Governor last week to declare a state of emergency

1 year ago

Johannesburg Power Company Crippled By Ransomware

South African power firm suffers ransomware attack that cripples its databases, applications and network

1 year ago

German Industrial Giants Attacked By Chinese Hackers – Report

Blue chip German industrial firms have confirmed cyber attacks, which are being blamed on state-backed Chinese group

1 year ago

Cybercrime Costs £2.3m Every Minute, RiskIQ Warns

Cost implications of cyber threats revealed after report malicious activity on the internet cost £1.2 trillion last year

1 year ago

Lancaster University Admits ‘Sophisticated Phishing Attack’

Student data has been compromised Lancaster University admits, after 'sophisticated and malicious phishing attack'

1 year ago

Ransomware Hackers Get Paid By Another US City

Another US city opts to hand over hundreds of thousands dollars to hackers after ransomware attack

1 year ago

ASCO Sends Workers Home After Ransomware Attack

Aeroplane parts manufacturer sends home 1,000 of 1,400 workers after being crippled by ransomware

1 year ago