UK Can Legally Launch Cyberattacks Against Hostile Nations, Says AG

Chief legal advisor to government says UK can legally launch cyberattacks against hostile nations, and calls for international “rules of…

2 days ago

ECB Warns Banks To Prepare For Russian Cyberattacks

ECB warns banks to prepare for possible Russian-sponsored cyber attacks, as fears of possible military conflict in Ukraine mount

3 months ago

Foreign Office Suffered ‘Serious Cyber Security Incident’

Public tender document reveals the UK's Foreign Office was targeted by a "serious cyber security incident", but details have not…

3 months ago

European Oil And Port Facilities Suffer Cyberattacks

More cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, as IT systems are severely disrupted at several European oil and transport companies

4 months ago

Russia May Employ Cyberattacks For Destablisation, US Warns

American deputy national security advisor issues Russia cyber warning, during visit to her European counterparts on Wednesday

4 months ago

Red Cross ‘Appalled’ As Hackers Steal Humanitarian Data Of 515,000 People

A new low. International Committee of the Red Cross shuts down reunification system, after hackers steal data of 515,000 vulnerable…

4 months ago

Gloucester City Council Confirms ‘Cyber Incident’

Council IT services hit by so called 'sleeper' malware, with media reports pointing the finger of blame at Russian hackers

4 months ago

Ukraine Suffers Massive Cyberattack, As Russia Increases Troop Buildup

Concern grows Russia is planning another military action in Ukraine, after a massive cyberattack on 70 government websites

4 months ago

Covid Research Remains Prime Target For Cyberattacks – NCSC

Latest review of the UK's cyber landscape reveals record number of cyberattacks, with Covid vaccine research remaining a prime target

6 months ago

Trading App Robinhood Admits Data Breach

Email addresses of 5 million customers compromised by outside third party, after Robinhood admits 'data security incident'

6 months ago

Iran Blames Nation State For Cyberattack on Petrol Stations

Petrol distribution network in Iran has reportedly been paralysed after a cyberattack, which some officials have alleged came from a…

7 months ago

BT Eagle-i Seeks To Predict, Prevent Cyberattacks

Proactive security approach. New security platform from BT Security, dubbed 'Eagle-i', seeks to predict and prevent cyberattacks

7 months ago

Sunderland University IT Systems Crippled By Cyberattack

University admits 'extensive IT issues' after a suspected cyberattack takes down website, telephones, and IT systems, and impacts onlines classes

7 months ago

New Zealand Banks, Post Offices Downed By DDoS Attack

Websites belonging to the national postal service and banks in New Zealand, have been knocked offline on Wednesday in an…

9 months ago

UK Considers Response After Fatal Drone Strike – Report

After Iranian drone strike on Israeli ship kills a Briton and a Romanian sailor, UK reportedly mulls cyber response

10 months ago

Former NCSC Head Dismantles Russia’s SolarWinds Claim

Director of Russia’s SVR said the West was actually behind SolarWinds hack, but NCSC's former boss Ciaran Martin dismantles that…

1 year ago

Elliptic Tracks Bitcoin Wallet Used For Ransom Paid by Colonial Pipeline

Bitcoin wallet used by DarkSide to receive ransom payments has been identified by Elliptic, and it revealed criminals had received…

1 year ago

Colonial Pipeline Hack Was Not Intended To ‘Create Problems’

Russian criminal gang that hit major US fuel pipeline with ransomware attack, claim they are just seeking money, not creating…

1 year ago

Iran’s Natanz Cyberattack Blamed On Israel

Second Stuxnet? Iran's Natanz nuclear facility suffered another cyberattack at the weekend, with the finger once again pointed at Israel

1 year ago

European Commission Suffers ‘IT Security Incident’ – Report

Cyberattack carried out last month on the IT systems of the European Commission and a number of other European Union…

1 year ago

Pfizer Attack Carried Out By North Korean Hackers

North Korean hackers have attempted to steal valuable Covid-19 vaccine information from Pfizer, warns South Korean intelligence

1 year ago

Hackers Steal Covid-19 Vaccine Documents From EU Agency

European Union's medicine regulator has been hacked, and documents concerning the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine have been stolen

1 year ago

Hackers Target Covid-19 Cold Chain, Warns IBM

Firms involved with the specialist “cold chain” infrastructure required for several Coronavirus vaccines, have been targetted by hackers

1 year ago

Hackney Council Confirms Hack Still Causing ‘Significant Disruption’

London Hackney council confirms that a 'serious cyberattack' in October is still causing 'significant disruption' to services

1 year ago

Trump Campaign Website Defaced Briefly By Hackers

Security breach for Donald Trump re-election website, but campaign officials deny there was any exposure of sensitive information

2 years ago

Finnish Therapy Patients Blackmailed After Data Breach

New low. Confidential records of thousands of psychotherapy patients in Finland compromised, with some patients now being blackmailed

2 years ago

Microsoft President Warns Of Cyberattack ‘Onslaught’

Brad Smith tells attendees at security event that democracies at risk from cyber onslaught from the likes of Russia, China,…

2 years ago

US DoJ Charges Six Russian GRU Officers For Cyberattacks

Hackers also targeted this year's delayed Olympic Games in Tokyo says UK, as the US DoJ charges six Russian military…

2 years ago

Patient Dies In Germany After Hospital Ransomware Attack

Real world consequence of ransomware attacks. A female patient has died as a result of a cyberattack at a German…

2 years ago

New Zealand Stock Exchange Suffers DDoS Cyberattack

Dress rehearsal for attack on larger exchange? Two days outage for New Zealand's NZX, following 'offshore' DDoS cyberattack

2 years ago