Creators Update

Microsoft: Wait For Windows 10 Creators Update Amidst User ‘Issues’

Users should wait until the update is automatically made available to them, warns Microsoft

5 years ago

Microsoft Drops OneDrive Ads Into Windows 10 File Explorer

Here's the kicker; disabling the pop-up will also turn off real OneDrive notifications

5 years ago

Microsoft Is Testing A Windows 10 Bloatware Blocker

Windows 10 Creators Update scheduled for April, with another coming later in the year

5 years ago

Microsoft To Revamp Windows 10 UI With Project Neon

Leaked screenshots reveals new and simplified user interface for Windows 10 for animations and 3D

5 years ago

Windows 10 Creators Update ‘Set For April’

The upcoming Windows 10 version introduces augmented reality headset and 3D support

6 years ago