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Taiwan Earthquake Prompts Chip Supply Concerns

Chipmakers in Taiwan reportedly briefly suspend some production for inspections, after the island hit by 7.4-magnitude earthquake

2 months ago

TSMC To Build Second Factory In Japan

World’s largest chipmaker TSMC confirms it will build second fab in Japan, with backing from Sony and Toyota

4 months ago

China To Launch $40 Billion State Chip Fund – Report

Sanctions response. New state-backed investment fund is to be launched that seeks to raise $40 billion for China's semiconductor sector

9 months ago

Broadcom Signals $1 Billion Investment In Spain

CEO of American Broadcom manufacturer confirms $1 billion investment into EU program to develop chip industry in Spain

11 months ago

US Warns Of Economic Damage If China Invades Taiwan

Chinese invasion of Taiwan would likely shut down chip production, causing huge economic impact for the world, US warns

1 year ago

Samsung To Cut Chip Production Amid Profit Decline

Electronics giant Samsung will make “meaningful” cut to chip production, amid global downturn in semiconductor demand

1 year ago

Netherlands Joins US In China Chip Export Restrictions

China logs official complaint, after the Netherlands plans new restrictions on exports of semiconductor tech

1 year ago

TSMC Begins Mass Production Of 3nm Chips In Taiwan

Mass production of the most advanced chips begins in Taiwan, underlining the island's importance to global supply of chips

1 year ago

Tech Investors Mull Newport Wafer Fab Rescue Bid – Report

Amid a national security review, British chip executives are reportedly preparing a rescue bid for Welsh chip firm Newport Wafer…

2 years ago

Samsung Starts 3-nanometre Chip Production

How small? Samsung says it is the first in the world to produce 3-nanometre chips, as it takes the fight…

2 years ago

Chip Makers Ease Disruption Concerns After Russian Invasion

Despite Ukraine being a key material supplier needed for chipmaking, manufacturers seek to ease worries of semiconductor disruption

2 years ago

TSMC Pledges $100 Billion Over Three Years, For ‘Advanced’ Chip Making

Mammoth investment over three years to bolster advanced chip making, in order to keep up with rising demand, amid the…

3 years ago

Trump Administration Talks With Chipmakers Over Building US Factories

Go local? Officials in Washington reportedly talk to two semiconductor companies about constructing chip factories in the United States

4 years ago

Chip Makers Demand A Say On Proposed US Export Restrictions

Industry groups react to proposed US export changes that would prevent the sale of certain chips and other silicon technology…

4 years ago

Intel Sinks £2.6bn Into Dutch Chip Firm ASML

Intel has invested a whooping $4.1 billion (£2.6bn) into the Dutch chip-equipment maker ASML

12 years ago

Tech Firms To Spend Billions On New Chips In New York

IBM, Intel and Samsung are set to invest billions for new chip facilities in New York State

13 years ago

Cisco, Samsung & VCs Invest $45 Million In Multicores

Tilera, which is developing chips with 100 to 200 cores, raises $45 million in its fourth round of funding

13 years ago

Chip Market Grows As Intel Dominates, IDC Finds

Worldwide sales and shipments of PC microprocessor units saw uncharacteristic growth during the second quarter of 2010, IDC has found

14 years ago

Is Apple Planning £5.2bn Bid For ARM?

Speculation continues to swirl on London's financial markets that Apple is considering a multi billion takeover of ARM Holdings, the…

14 years ago