border control

Judge Approves US Searches Of Passenger Electronic Devices

US border agents only need “reasonable suspicion” and no search warrant to search travellers’ smartphones and laptops

9 months ago

US Border Phone, Laptop Searches Need Warrant, Say Campaigners

Travellers to the US are being increasingly ordered to unlock their smartphones and laptops for searches

1 year ago

Former Mozilla CTO Ordered To Unlock Devices At US Border

Apple staffer and American citizen Andreas Gal detained by US border agents after refusing to unlock devices

1 year ago

US Visa Applicants Face Stricter Vetting With Social Media And Employment Checks

Stricter visa vetting procedures get approval despite facing criticism

3 years ago

US Could Force UK Travellers To Hand Over Mobiles & Passwords

Travellers from the UK and other countries could be forced to provide mobile phone contacts and social media passwords and…

3 years ago