border control

Judge Approves US Searches Of Passenger Electronic Devices

US border agents only need “reasonable suspicion” and no search warrant to search travellers’ smartphones and laptops

2 months ago

US Border Phone, Laptop Searches Need Warrant, Say Campaigners

Travellers to the US are being increasingly ordered to unlock their smartphones and laptops for searches

9 months ago

Former Mozilla CTO Ordered To Unlock Devices At US Border

Apple staffer and American citizen Andreas Gal detained by US border agents after refusing to unlock devices

10 months ago

US Visa Applicants Face Stricter Vetting With Social Media And Employment Checks

Stricter visa vetting procedures get approval despite facing criticism

3 years ago

US Could Force UK Travellers To Hand Over Mobiles & Passwords

Travellers from the UK and other countries could be forced to provide mobile phone contacts and social media passwords and…

3 years ago