US Lawmakers Express Concern Over Amazon One Palm Scanner

US senators query Amazon over security of biometric data from Amazon One palm-scanning system, and how company plans to use…

4 months ago

European Commission Proposes Tough AI Regulation, Fines

Huge fines and tough rules for the 'unacceptable' use of artificial intelligence, has been proposed by European Commission

7 months ago

Gatwick Airport To Use Facial Recognition For Boarding

Gatwick to become first British airport to use facial recognition for passenger boarding without checks

2 years ago

Fake Wax Hand Cracks Vein Authentication

Biometric bypass sees researchers use fake wax hand to trick vein authentication system

3 years ago

HMRC Voice ID Scheme ‘Breaks GDPR’, Claim Campaigners

The voice identification programme has collected more than 5 million citizens' voiceprints to date

3 years ago

Facebook Relaunches Facial Recognition In Europe

The social network is using the GDPR's introduction as the occasion to try its luck a second time with the…

4 years ago

Major Browsers Back FIDO2 Tech For A Password-Free Web

The FIDO Alliance's WebAuthn project is now a step away from finalisation, meaning software and hardware makers can begin implementation

4 years ago

Apple iPhone X Face ID ‘Is Tricked’ By 3D Printed Mask

Vietnamese security firm Bkav says its proof of concept shows face ID isn't secure

4 years ago

Apple ‘To Add’ iPhone X’s Face ID To Next iPad In 2018

Reports suggest Apple plans to bring some iPhone X features, including Face ID, to the iPad next year

4 years ago

Debate: Do Passwords Have A Future In Cybersecurity?

VOTE: Passwords are much maligned but still widely used. What does the future hold? Read the views from our experts…

4 years ago

The Evolution Of Identity: Problem Passwords And Burgeoning Biometrics

OPINION: Passwords are yesterday's technology, biometrics are the future, argues Experian's head of identity and fraud

4 years ago

BBC Partners With Microsoft For Voice-Activated iPlayer Experiment

The BBC has some big plans for the future of iPlayer as voice recognition software continues to evolve

4 years ago

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Keyboard With Fingerprint ID Reader

New keyboard and mouse both boast Bluetooth and wired connectivity for Windows 10 users

4 years ago

Apple HomePod Firmware Suggests Facial Recognition Tech In iPhone 8

Cupertino appears ot be following the example set by the Samsung Galaxy S8

4 years ago

Tech Quiz: The Week In Review (21 July)

Test your weekly tech news knowledge!

4 years ago

Tech Quiz: Biometric Technology & Security

Biometrics are taking over and technology is becoming more personalised, but what do you know?

4 years ago

Qualcomm Fingerprint Scanner Is Embedded Beneath A Smartphone Display

The technology could see the removal of button-based fingerprint sensors

4 years ago

Consumers ‘Overwhelmingly’ Prefer Biometric Security For Financial Services

Nine out of 10 consumers and banking professionals want biometric authentication put in place, but a skills gap stands in…

4 years ago

Biometric Bypasses Highlights Necessity For AI Smarts In Security

OPINION: Biometric hacking could pave the way for smarter AI-centric security

5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Tricked By Chaos Computer Club Hacker Group

Chaos Computer Club once again demonstrate how biometric security is far from infallible

5 years ago

Home Office Consultation Focuses On Biometric Law Enforcement Devices

The consultation aims to engage with industry ahead of planned procurement for police fingerprint devices, software and frontline systems

5 years ago

HSBC Voice Recognition ID System Tricked By Twins

Biometric security may not be a secure as its made out to be

5 years ago

Is Your Heartbeat The Future Of Biometric Authentication?

Could using your heartbeat as a password be the future of authentication?

5 years ago

Mastercard Shows Off Credit Card With Built In Fingerprint Sensor

The technology is being rolled out in South Africa with plans to come to Europe later this year

5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Is Tricked By A Selfie

Facial recognition might not be the best way to secure your new Samsung Galaxy S8...

5 years ago

RSA 2017: Four Steps To Staying Secure In ‘The Age Of Access’

Can focusing on access and identity provide a security boost to your business?

5 years ago

British Rail Companies Plan Iris Scan And Fingerprint Biometric Ticketing

Biometric technologies could be used to speed up ticketing and help boost rail network capacity

5 years ago

How Biometric Analysis Is Pushing Williams F1 Pit Stops Below 2 Seconds

IN DEPTH: Williams F1 is using IoT and video to work out how it can record pit stops consistently below…

5 years ago

Algorithm Uses Facial Features To Detect Criminals, Claim Chinese Researchers

Do you look like a criminal? Chinese researchers believe their facial algorithm can detect your criminal tendencies

5 years ago

Visa: Most People Back Biometric Payments

Majority of people want to use biometrics when making payments, with fingerprints the favoured option

5 years ago