AI chips

Meta Shows Off Next Generation AI Chip

Next generation of Meta's custom AI chip, MTIA, is able to support new generative AI (GenAI) products and services

1 month ago

Google Unveils ARM-based AI CPU, Google Axion

Google announced first ARM-based CPU Google Axion, as well as upgraded TPU AI chips, but it won't be selling them…

1 month ago

Intel Unveils Latest AI Chip To Counter Nvidia

Nvidia AI chip challenger? Intel takes wraps off its latest artificial intelligence chip, called the Gaudi 3 AI accelerator

1 month ago

US Tightens AI Chip Export Restrictions To China

New restrictions online. Export rules of AI chips to China, announced last October, went into force late last week

2 months ago

US SEC Investigates If OpenAI Investors Were Misled – Report

Financial regulator examines internal comms of CEO Sam Altman, after his shock firing for not being ‚Äúconsistently candid in communications‚ÄĚ

3 months ago

Nvidia Nears $2 Trillion Value, As AI Boosts Profits, Sales

Financial results surpass Wall Street expectations and drive Nvidia's market value close to the $ 2 trillion mark

3 months ago

Nvidia Now Worth More Than Amazon, Amid AI Chip Demand

Nvidia now worth more than the e-commerce and cloud giant Amazon, thanks to ongoing industry demand for AI chips

3 months ago

ARM Shares Nearly Double Amid AI Surge

Shares in ARM Holdings have exploded over the past week, after an optimist forecast almost doubled its share price

3 months ago

OpenAI’s Sam Altman Seeks Trillions To Overhaul Chip Industry – Report

Sam Altman reportedly seeking between $5 and $7 trillion to overhaul semiconductor industry to remove AI chip limitations

3 months ago

Nvidia Business Unit To Develop Bespoke Chips – Report

Nvidia reportedly building a new business unit that will design bespoke chips, utilising advanced AI processors

3 months ago

Nvidia Delays Launch Of AI Chip For China – Report

Customers in China informed by Nvidia that it delaying launch of new AI chip that will comply with US export…

6 months ago

China Lashes Out As US Tightens Chip Export Controls

Trade war intensifies, as Beijing lashes out at toughens export controls from US. Nvidia confirms new rules will impact AI…

7 months ago

US Cuts China Off From AI Chips, As Export Controls Tightened

Beijing reacts with anger, as United States and President Biden tighten export controls to China for advanced computer chips

7 months ago

OpenAI Mulls Development Of Own AI Chip – Report

Developer of ChatGPT, OpenAI is said to be exploring making its own AI chips and is eyeing a potential acquisition…

8 months ago

US Warns China Of Update To Chip Export Controls

Biden administration not blinking first, as Beijing is warned by US of imminent update to export rules on AI chips…

8 months ago

US Denies Restricting AI Chip Sales To Middle East

US government official denies AMD and Nvidia claims they are being denied permission to sell AI chips to Middle East

9 months ago