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TechWeekEurope Survey Reveals IT Decision Process

Peter Judge has been involved with tech B2B publishing in the UK for many years, working at Ziff-Davis, ZDNet, IDG and Reed. His main interests are networking security, mobility and cloud

Our survey will reveal Europe’s IT buying process – and give one lucky winner an AR Drone helicopter

TechWeekEurope will be probing the mysteries of Europe’s IT buying process in a survey being carried out by NetMediaEurope across Europe.

survey mouse online poll © Tang Yan Song Shutterstock

The “Touchpoints” survey  asks the people who take IT decisions to explain how they reach their conclusions and settle on IT purchases. It is being carried out through NetMediaEurope titles in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy and will provide a definitive account of way the IT community operates right now.

A time of change

The IT industry is moving through a period of change, and professionals are gathering information in different ways, while the technology they are using to make their purchases has evolved.

AR drone remote control helicopter
Take the survey and win a Drone!

The rise of social networks, and the ability to consume media on the go, have changed the information landscape, while the process of buying and implementing technology has been transformed by the arrival of the cloud and mobile data.

What effect has all this had on the day-to-day process of getting the technology your organisation needs? There’s only one way to find out. NetMediaEurope is carrying out the survey and if you take part you get to see the final results.

What’s more, you also have a chance to win an AR Drone, for those secret missions which form part of any IT professional’s job.

Take the survey here!