Liverpool Has Best Mobile Coverage Of Any Major UK City

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RootMetrics study shows Liverpool leads Birmingham and Manchester, but London finishes 9th out 16 and Hull brings up the rear

Liverpool has the best mobile coverage of any major UK city, according to research firm RootMetrics, with London finishing 9 out of the 16 major urban areas tested.

The cities were given an overall rating, as well as scores for reliability, speed, mobile internet, calls and texts. Liverpool finished top in the first three criteria and in the top three for calls and texts, both of which were won by Birmingham, which placed third in the rankings.

Manchester also performed well, finishing in the top three for all five individual rankings and third overall. Hull, however finished bottom in all six areas, with Bristol and Cardiff also consistently near the bottom.

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Liverpool on top

Albert DockLondon never finished higher than sixth in any category, a position it achieved for both texts and mobile Internet, and was a lowly 14th for calls. Belfast was the best performing national capital, finishing fourth overall, ahead of Edinburgh in fifth.

“Good mobile service is a crucial part of a city’s basic infrastructure,” said Chris Smith, Europe general manager for RootMetrics. “These rankings give a scientific indication of where in the country you are more likely to enjoy reliable mobile performance.”

The firm recently tested each individual network across the entire of the UK and found EE was the best performing operator, ahead of Three, Vodafone and O2. Its tests suggested there was a It suggested there as a “clear separation” between the wide area coverage of EE and Three and the more metro-oriented coverage of Vodafone and O2.

All four operators have committed a combined £5 billion to improve mobile coverage across the UK as part of a deal with the government which will not require the networks to participate in a “national roaming” infrastructure.

You can see the full results of RootMetrics’ city tests in the gallery below

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RootMetrics August 2015 overall

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