Foals, Like Bjork, Use 360-Degree Virtual Reality Technology In New Music Video

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Blog: VR tech hits the mainstream as the entertainment industry warms to audience participation

The music video for English rock band Foals’ new track ‘Mountain at My Gates’ was shot with a GoPro spherical Hero camera, and offers the audience a virtual reality, interactive video.

Viewers can use the W, A, S, D keys to look left, right up or down, and each direction offers up a different view of the band performing the track.

A similar theme was used for Bjork’s 2015 single ‘Stonemilker’. Viewers wearing a virtual reality headset could look around the music video 360 degrees, and catch Bjork performing with the backdrop of beautiful Icelandic scenery.

virtual reality
Bjork in her music video for ‘Stonemilker’


It was only this week when Nokia released its first-ever virtual reality device, the Ozo. The Ozo is able to capture 360-degree video and audio using eight different sensors located around the sphere.

The company is hoping that the ball-shaped Ozo will become the device of choice for production studios looking to shoot VR output for head-mounted displays such as the Oculus Rift.

Another company, called Jaunt, is already working with VR video technology, and hopes to see hit the big screen in the near future.

Jaunt is trying to develop technology that will allow the use of a 360-degree professional video camera, technology that effectively stitches together wide-angle camera shots that form a sphere that viewers can look around in.

I for one am excited to see what VR can bring us in filmmaking over the next decade. Imagine an entire movie shot to allow the audience to look around the entire scene.

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