Met Police To Replace Core IT System

The Metropolitan Police Service is set to begin procurement of an integrated system to replace its core IT functions

9 years ago

Met’s Cyber Team Saved UK £1.01bn

As the PCeU heads for its merger with SOCA, it brags about its startling achievements

11 years ago

Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Business Espionage

Police press on with Operation Tuleta

11 years ago

Met Arrests 14 Over £1m Phishing Scam

PCeU strikes again, taking in 14 people during an investigation into a major phishing operation

12 years ago

UK Police Launch Regional Cybercrime Hubs

The Association of Chief Police Officers unveil three cybercrime units in Yorkshire and the Humber, the north-west and east Midlands

12 years ago

UK-based Gang Jailed For £3 Million Cyber-Fraud

Two Ukranian ringleaders are among 13 jailed for infecting computers with malware and stealing £2.9 million

13 years ago