Facebook Plans Two Cables Linking US To Asia

Facebook backs two new undersea cable projects creating direct link from North America to Singapore and key Indonesian market

8 months ago

Free Software Will Help Detect Faulty And Malicious USB-C Cables

HP, Intel and Microsoft-backed USB-C authentication guidelines will help protect against security threats and damaged devices

6 years ago

Amazon Pulls The Plug On Dodgy USB-C Cables

Suppliers will now be required to keep to abide with proper regulations when selling USB-C devices

6 years ago

Microsoft Invests In Cables Connecting Irish And US Data Centres

Two new deals will see latency and capacity improvements for global customers

7 years ago

Google Secretly Gave WikiLeaks Data To US Government

Incident happened almost three years ago but gag order on Google kept the search giant silent

7 years ago

Google Mulls Underwater Cable Investment – Report

Google is reportedly looking to make an investment in a new subsea cable in the Pacific Ocean

7 years ago

New Fibre Optic Cable To Boost Transatlantic Comms

The first new transatlantic communications cable in nearly ten years is to be laid in the Atlantic ocean

10 years ago

Wikileaks Suffers Further Cyber Attacks

Wikileaks claims to have been the victim of another cyber attack following its biggest leak yet

10 years ago

UN Supports WikiLeaks’ Right To Publish

A UN statement argues the human right to publish in the public interest, but restraint should be exercised

11 years ago