GoDaddy Confirms Data Breach Of 1.2 Million Customers

Unauthorised access of customer's WordPress installations, results in the data of 1.2 million GoDaddy customers being accessed

1 week ago

Tesco Website Hack Attempt: What We Know So Far

Tesco website and app back online, after hackers apparently attempted to 'intefere' with the supermarket's website and app

1 month ago

Twitch Warns Over Source Code Breach

Gameplay streaming service Twitch says massive breach earlier this month mainly affected confidential source code, with 'minimal' effect on end-users

1 month ago

MoD Web Gaffe Exposes Special Forces Weapon Data

Secret data of enhanced weapons exposed in embarrassing cut-and-paste blunder, mirroring similar mistake in 2011 of data concerning nuclear submarines

2 months ago

Microsoft Power Apps Data Leak Impacts 38 Million People

Check default settings. Names, phone and social security numbers made public to organisations using Microsoft’s Power Apps platform

3 months ago

Thousands Of Records Stolen From Gun Seller’s Database

Gun owners' groups urge caution after names and addresses of 100,000 customers stolen from popular gun site and post details…

4 months ago

Data Breach Affects 3.3m Volkswagen, Audi Customers

Personal data on more than 3.3m Volkswagen and Audi customers in North America compromised after vendor leaves information unsecured for…

6 months ago

Facebook Says Massive Leak Involves ‘Old’ User Data

Facebook says public leak of personal details of 530 million users involves 'old' data from 2019, while Irish data protection…

8 months ago

Verkada CCTV Breach Exposes Hundreds Of Businesses

Verkada compromise of its CCTV system, sees hackers gain admin access to cameras inside Tesla, hospitals, police stations, prison etc

9 months ago

Salesforce’s LinkedIn Account Hijacked With Black Lives Matter Post

CRM giant Salesforce confirms its LinkedIn social media account have been compromised, following unauthorised BLM post last week

9 months ago

Sectigo Warns 40 Percent Of SMBs Are Attacked Monthly

Survey finds that 50 percent of SMBs have suffered a website breach at some point, with 20 percent admitting being…

9 months ago

Capcom Latest Multinational To Be Hit By Disruptive Cyber-Attack

Resident Evil and Street Fighter maker Capcom hit by attack that disrupts internal systems, while researchers say Ragnar Locker ransomware…

1 year ago

GoDaddy Warns Customers Of Password Breach

Attackers gained access to customers' websites last October, says hosting giant, but only via SSH, with 'main accounts' not affected

2 years ago

Virgin Media Breach ‘Disclosed Sensitive Data’

Exposed Virgin Media database links user details to requests to unblock pornographic and gambling sites, exposing customers to extortion attempts

2 years ago

US DoD Department Hacked And Data Compromised

Combat support agency of the Pentagon has been hacked, exposing the personal data of roughly 200,000 people it has been…

2 years ago

Thousands Of Disney+ Customers Hacked – Report

Subscribers of the newly launched streaming service from the house of mouse say their accounts have been hacked

2 years ago

NordVPN Confirms Hack After Data Centre Mistake

Panama-based VPN provider confirms it was hacked after Finnish data centre provider left server unsecured

2 years ago

Suspect Arrested In Capital One Bank Breach Affecting 106m Customers

Home of former Seattle software engineer raided after July theft of personal details of millions of credit card applicants

2 years ago

Most US, UK Firms Admit Major Security Breach In Past Two Years

Unprepared businesses...alarming scale of security breaches at US and UK firms revealed in new report from 1E

3 years ago

Hackers Access Microsoft Email Accounts

The breach occurred at the beginning of this year after attackers compromised a customer support representative's login credentials

3 years ago

Hackers Swipe Card Data From Planet Hollywood Parent

More than 2 million card details went up for sale online in February, following a hack that began in May…

3 years ago

Police Federation Confirms Ransomware Breach

Association of police officers in England and Wales confirms it is the latest to suffer ransomware attack

3 years ago

Financial Services Report Five-Fold Rise In Data Breaches

Banks remain a lucrative target for hackers, with prosecutions lagging behind a rise in successful attacks, Financial Conduct Authority figures…

3 years ago

Merkel Included In Hack Of German Politicians

Personal data belonging to Chancellor Angela Merkel included in hack of hundreds of German politicians

3 years ago

Quora Mega-Breach Could Open Users To Targeted Scams

The hack exposed personal data on 100 million users, as well as information from linked accounts such as Google, Facebook…

3 years ago

Eurostar Resets All Customer Passwords After ‘Attempted’ Hack

The incident, which took place in mid-October, follows major breaches at several airlines — but this time around no payment…

3 years ago

Fraud Experts Warn Over Compromise Of Passport Data In Air Canada Breach

Hackers may have accessed detailed passport information on thousands of Air Canada customers after its app was compromised late last…

3 years ago

Document Scanning Firm Exposes More Than 140 Gigabytes Of Corporate Documents

Scanning and optical character recognition firm Abbyy left an Amazon-hosted server open for anyone to access

3 years ago

Dixons Carphone Breach Bigger Than First Thought

Insists no evidence of fraud, despite admission that 10 million customer records were compromised

3 years ago

AI, Cloud And Blockchain ‘Creating New Risks’ For Banks

Financial organisations must work with authorities to revamp banking regulations, study finds

4 years ago