Cybersecurity: Inspecting for cracks and gaps in your IT security foundation

Your business comes under constant cyberattack. Protecting your systems – particularly device endpoints is paramount.

Attending this event is essential if you are looking for practical real-world insights that your enterprise can use to protect its systems today and into the future. From your servers to the mobile devices your remote teams now use, discover how you can massively improve your business’s cybersecurity resilience.

Divided into three highly focused 30-minute presentations, cybersecurity experts from Quest will illustrate how your business can improve its defences and when an attack happens, how to reduce its impact with robust recovery systems.

Hear actual case studies that illustrate how businesses have implemented Quest tools to create agile and comprehensive cybersecurity practices for their companies. Could your business learn from these examples?

And this event places your company at its centre with time for networking and the opportunity to speak to Quest experts about your company’s specific cybersecurity needs.

Join us to learn how to move your enterprise’s cybersecurity to the next level. Combat current threats. Discover how to make your company’s systems more robust and resilient; and evolve your business to resist cyberattacks with defences you can trust.

Join us for drinks, canapes and an insightful and informative session with Adrian Moir and David Gil Galindo about building solid cybersecurity practices for your business.

The foundation of your cyber security plan hinges on reducing the likelihood of an attack and reducing the impact of any successful attacks.

Across this event, you will hear practical advice about to reduce the risks cyberattacks present to your company, and how to accelerate your recover if an attack occurs.

You will hear practical actions your business can take to reduce the impact cybersecurity threats can have on your company including:

  • How to create secure and flexible endpoint security.
  • Creating a cyber defence strategy against ransomware and other disasters
  • How to effectively layer your backup and recovery measures… And much more

The evening will be divided into 30 minutes segments where experts from Quest will make short presentations.

You will also have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, debate with your colleagues and network.

If you are looking for information, insights, and practical actions you can take to reduce the cyberthreats your business faces, this event is for you.


Lucia Rey

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