Yahoo Kills Chinese Services

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Yahoo is pulling out of China, meaning its relationship with Alibaba is changing for good

Yahoo has ended its news and community services in China, having already closed its email service, hinting it is retreating from the country almost completely.

The company, which is undergoing a transformation under the leadership of Marissa Mayer, said in a farewell note on the Yahoo China homepage it was “adjusting its operations strategy”.

inside-yahooYahoo says ‘zai jian’ to China

Yahoo has a stake in Alibaba, which runs the Chinese side of Yahoo, and some believe the latter has gained the most out of the deal, hence the reason for Mayer’s move out of the country.

Yahoo has not made any comment outside of the notice on its site.

The company, which had been losing traffic, has begun a turnaround since Mayer switched sides from Google. It was recently revealed Yahoo’s sites saw more traffic from desktops than any other company in the US, overtaking Google as the number one.

Numerous acquisitions, including those of Tumblr and Summly, should boost the company’s fortunes, whilst changes at the top appear to have helped too.

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