Microsoft Confirms 4G Modem Issue With Latest Windows 10 Update

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No patch as yet for problem with Windows 10 update that cuts off internet for systems linked to mobile data via 4G LTE modems

Microsoft has confirmed a problem with the most recent Windows 10 update that may cut off internet access for users of 4G LTE wireless modems.

The company also confirmed it had heard reports of “various” other issues with the update, which is designated KB4556799 and was released on 12 May.

Microsoft said that after installing the update on a system using a 4G LTE modem, “reaching the internet might not be possible”.

But the issue may further confuse users because the system may indicate the system is still online.

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“The Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) in the notification area might still indicate that you are connected to the internet,” Microsoft wrote in an addition to its KB4556799 update page.

The problem remains unfixed, but Microsoft said it was “working on a resolution” and would provide a fix “in an upcoming release”.

4G LTE modems are widely used with laptops to link to the internet via mobile data networks.

They can be integrated into systems such as laptops or linked via PCI-E or USB adapters.

Users have reported a number of issues with the KB4556799 update, which was automatically pushed out to millions of users.

Problems reported on social media have included system crashes, deleted user data, web browser crashes, performance issues and audio problems, amongst others.

‘Actively engaged’

Microsoft said in a statement that it has “seen social media and news reports related to various issues” with the update and was “actively engaged” with those reporting the problems.

But it said the problems did not appear to be “widespread”, according to its telemetry, support data and customer feedback channels.

“We continuously investigate all customer feedback and are closely monitoring this situation,” the company stated.

Microsoft has been criticised in the past for forcing users to download buggy updates, including automatic upgrades to Windows 10 that broke some systems.

However, the company now provides a “troubleshooter” utility that allows users to selectively decline to download “problematic updates”.

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