Quiz Of The Week: Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Coffee Laptop © Sergej Khackimullin - Fotolia.com

How well do you know the tech that lets you do email with your coffee?

Wireless connection has become a commonplace of daily life. But how much do you know about Wi-Fi?

Not so long ago wireless networking was fraught with difficulty, but now the standards have made it easy, reliable and trustworthy. But the road to Wi-Fi has been an interesting one, with security worries, and standards wars along the way.

Wi-Fi everywhere

Chances are you use Wi-Fi at home. You may well use it in the office; and you probably use it when you are out and about – especially when it allows you to avoid paying lots of money for 3G data.

We hope you know enough to observe the right Wi-Fi security precautions, and maybe you also know which of the various Wi-Fi standards will give you the best results, when you are given a choice.

Knowledge is power – so we’re giving you a chance to show your Wi-Fi skills. Without further ado, why not… 

Try the quiz! 

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