Wi-Fi In 32 More London Tube Stations


Passengers at more stations can update their Facebook status while waiting for a train to the Olympics

Thirty-two more stations on the Tube now have Wi-Fi access, Transport for London (TfL) has announced, extending Wi-Fi in London Underground’s network prior to the Olympics

TfL began rolling out the service earlier this month, with Kings Cross, Oxford Circus and a number of stations on the Victoria Line the first to benefit.

It is intended that 80 stations will have W-Fi in time for the Olympic Games this summer and 120 by the end of 2012.

More stations hop on board

A map of which stations passengers can access the Internet from the platform has been released (shown here), along with the stations which will receive connectivity in the future. These include many central London locations along with major rail terminals such as Paddington, Euston and Liverpool Street. Stations close to Olympic venues such as Southfields and Stratford have also been brought online.

Access is limited to the platforms, not the trains themselves, although connectivity does extend into the tunnel for a couple of seconds after departure.

Virgin Media won the contract to provide Wi-Fi services to the tube earlier this year, with access set to be free until at least the conclusion of the Olympics. It will continue to be free for customers of Virgin Media and other select networks, with a pay-as-you-go model introduced for others.

Virgin was forced to change its terms and conditions shortly after launch after it emerged that they allowed the company to monitor users’ internet communications. The firm said that it never had any intention of snooping and that the new terms reflected that.

The cloud won a separate deal to provide Wi-Fi connections at all 56 stations on the London Overground network. Commuters will receive 60 minutes of free Wi-Fi a day and, unlike the Underground, it will remain free after the Olympics.

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