WANdisco Adds Context To Apache Subversion

WANdisco offers uberSVN and its app store to unify the software Apache Subversion development process

WANdisco is trying to make Apache Subversion, the open source software versioning and revision control system, more user-friendly by improving the developer community facilities.

The company has launched uberSVN, an application lifecycle management (ALM) system, to make it easier for project members developing source code to receive status updates and to contact one another in a Twitter-like environment. Software development teams are formed around team members and their activities, with each team having its own home page. This lists team-member profiles linked to the projects they are working on and where their code repositories are located

The new development environment also offers a free choice of which software build management, defect tracking, and project management software is used, which includes open source and proprietary applications.

Apps Store For Open Source Software

To further help in the development process, WANdisco has added an apps store, uberApps which brings together some of the more popular applications that development teams may want to use. Each of the apps offered have been tested for Subversion compatibility, the company said. This allows one click access for purchasing and downloading and and another to install products such as assembla, CornerStone, SonarSource, CloudBees and uTest.

“By offering products that our team has certified to work with Apache Subversion and the uberSVN Platform, uberApps saves time and money while simplifying application discovery and delivery,” said David Richards, president and CEO of WANdisco. “Extended product evaluations, long implementation cycles, and steep learning curves are a thing of the past. Certified training, support and consulting services can also be purchased at the store, without the fear of getting burned.”

WANdisco has partnered with CloudBees to offer the Jenkins continuous integration server with uberSVN. The two open source platforms can be downloaded together with enterprise support, from the uberApps Store.

The Jenkins continuous integration system applies quality control checks throughout the development process to avoid the problems that can occur when checks are only made at the completion of the development cycle.

The uberSVN package comes as a free version and a fully supported, paid-for Pro version, An enterprise version will be available in November. The uberApps store is free.