Virgin Media Launches Cloud Storage Service

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Virgin Media Cloud offers up to 50GB free storage per household, with increasing amounts for those willing to pay

Virgin Media has announced the launch of its online cloud storage system, Virgin Media Cloud, and is offering up to 50GB of free storage.

The Branson-backed service provider has teamed up with security firm F-Secure to develop its new not-very-excitingly-titled cloud service, which is available from today to all Virgin Media customers, allowing them to store files and stream music and video files directly from the cloud.

Up to ten people in a Virgin Media broadband household can have their own account, each with 5GB of free storage capacity – meaning users could potentially get 50GB of storage for nothing.

virgin media cloud‘Safe and secure’

“We want to keep our customers, and their content, safe online so we’re giving our broadband customers an easy way to store and share content instantly from any device, wherever they are. So we’ve launched a new online storage service today that enables them to do just that.” Virgin Media said in a blog post.

The new service includes several tiers offering larger amounts of storage for those willing to pay a little bit extra, with tariffs costing £3.99, £5.99 and £13.99 per month giving you 50GB, 100GB and 250GB respectively. There is even a top-level service offering up to 500GB of storage for those willing  to pay £26.99 per month.

Virgin Media Cloud is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, with a Windows Phone app set to follow soon.

“The intuitive interface makes it easy to store, back up and access files safely from any location. As content syncs across all registered devices, users can take a photo on their smartphone while they’re out and view it on their laptop when they get home,” Virgin Media added.

The service is designed to compete with established companies such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. The latter recently announced it would also be offering customers free storage if they get friends to sign up to the service, with each referral earning 500MB of space, and was also giving 100GB of free storage for one year to 100,000 lucky people.

Another online storage provider, Box, also recently announced plans to offer 50GB of free storage as part of its re-launched app for iOS.

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