VeryPC Talks Sustainable With Broadleaf Range


A British firm is touting a new new range of green desktops which it calls the most energy efficient PCs on the planet

Sheffield was once known for the quality of its steel, but now a Sheffield-based green computer manufacturer is hoping that the fully recyclable aluminium chassis of its new Broadleaf green desktops will appeal to those looking for business machines with a much lower carbon footprint.

According to VeryPC chief executive Peter Hopton, the three ultra small form factor machines in the Broadleaf range exceed Energy Star 5 requirements by up to 55 percent and are the first products to gain a DEFRA Quick Wins ”Class Leader”.

The dual or quad core Broadleaf machines measure just 220mm (depth); 220mm (height); 115mm (width) and users have a choice of a number of Intel CPUs, with 2GB, 3GB or 4GB of RAM.

“The most striking feature of the products is that it is designed and manufactured in Hull from Icelandic aluminium,” Hopton told eWeek Europe. “They are no toxins, and it is PVC, BFR and halogen free.”

He described how most British PC makers import their steel chassis from China, which therefore pushes up their CO2 footprint. “In perspective, a normal tower chassis contains up to 4 kilograms of steel, which means that it has taken 40 kilograms of carbon emission to produce. Our small form factor chassis has 800 grams of aluminium, and took only 1.6 kgs of CO2 was produced to make it.”

“We are fully offsetting the carbon used to create our machines,” he added.


Hopton also described how VeryPC was able to “cherry pick” energy efficient components. “Our power supplies are made to our specifications, and coupled with our PecoBOO power management software, which uses face detection technology (via the webcam) to determine if someone is sitting at the computer and needs to use to the display, means our quad core is most energy efficient machine on the planet, according to Energy Star agency.”

The chassis also contains an anodised aluminium front panel can be laser etched at the manufacturing stage to bear an institution’s crest or a corporate logo. It can also be fitted with an optional VESA mounting bracket, allowing the computer to be easily fixed to a wall, under a desk, or behind a monitor.


“This will be the first machine not sold direct by VeryPC, and is the start of our move to the channel model,” he said. “It will initially target the government and eduction sectors initially.” Pricing for the entry level machine is £449 for dual core, while the quad core machine comes in at £649.

Author: Tom Jowitt
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