Twitter Leaves TweetDeck To Die

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Tweetdeck client continues under tighter Twitter control

Twitter has stood by while its British Tweetdeck subsidiary is closed down by Companies House, over a failure to file accounts. The Tweetdeck Twitter client will continue to be available.

Tweetdeck had been threatened with closure in January, and it has now been closed following three months’ inaction. Twitter bought the British producer of the most popular Twitter client in for £25 million in 2011, and has been integrating it more tightly as it closes down the former freedom of software developers.

Tweetdeck client continues


“TweetDeck the product continues to thrive as part of Twitter, but the old company has been dormant for some time, with no outstanding liabilities; hence our agreement with the move to dissolve it,” a Twitter spokesman said.

The subsidiary’s assets are all integrated into Twitter, so Tweetdeck as a company is now dormant, meaning its closure is not a big issue.

However, Twitter is taking tighter control over client software, pushing Tweetdeck’s dominant position and restricting what competitors can do.

At the same time, Twitter is pushing users into web-based access and away from standalone clients. The Tweetdeck client versions for the desktop (running on Adobe Air) and for Android were closed down yesterday.

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